Define Muncie Meaning

Land of nowhere located 55 miles NE of Indianapolis.

The hometown of Ball State University.

Population 70,000

muncie is about the dullest place on Earth.
By Myrna
A Muncie is a sex act wherein a line of 5 or more people with penises who all have trouble with premature ejaculation in turn have straight missionary sex either vaginally or anally with a single partner (who is called the "MacGalliard") until they finish and leave just like everyone does with that town.

God I could go for being the MacGalliard in a Muncie right now.

Christ we Muncied a girl so hard last week.
By Rosa
Verb: Muncy

To tickle someone in weird and funny way, that is definitely NOT sexual in any way, while gritting your teeth.

When you’re with your mates on a night out, and you fancy a tickle with the lads.

Jack kept muncying everyone at the pub, because he’s not loose and is a wet man.
By Lizbeth
A strange place indeed. Located in east central Indiana this average sized city of seventy or so thousand people one will encounter many things. Namely, crime. Muncie has been labeled as Crime city USA , although the quantifiable information is somewhat disputed, regardless, it is not uncommon to encounter a group of vicious looking white children, large amounts of marijuana, guns, and prescription pain medication. However, if vicious is what you're looking for look no further than the Whitely area. Here it is either kill or be killed. Aside from the violence, Muncie can be a decent place of living. It has its share of all demographics, especially with the location of Ball State University nearby. All things considered it is analogous to a high school prom queen; pretty on the outside, with admirable traits, but a bitch deep down.

John: "Yo, I heard Muncie has them percocets for the low!"
Bill: "I don't know bro, there are some sketch people fuckin' with Muncie."

Curt: "I fucking hate my job."
Larry: "At least you have one bro, I got laid off."
Curt: "You live in Muncie or somethin'?"
By Lonni
Pouring a shot of tequilla into a glass of wine then chugging it

OMG he just muncied the wine!
By Ali
One of the greatest yet underestimated cities in the country. It's home to not only Ball State University, but also the world famous Ball Bros. glass factory. It's Ball Memorial hospital has one of the greatest Oncology departments in the country, and is a breeding ground for great thinkers in the fields of music, engineering, construction, and business. It maybe a small city, but GODDAMN it's a GREAT city!!!!

Where do I want to go to college?

Check out Muncie, bro. Shedtown is the shit!
By Megan
Muncie Turtle

John and Carol did the Muncie Turtle last fall.
By Zondra
Muncie Madam
A Muncie Madam is a trashy older lader from the Midwest. Usually having origins in or near "the armpit of America" or as it's more well known...Muncie Indiana. She usually has a name that can be considered male or female, such as Toni, Pat, or Chris. She is usually reserved a seat at the pic nic table near the dominant Alpha male. The Alpha male will usually offer her his Potato Salad or Coleslaw as a sign that he is ready to mate.

Boy that lady over there sure is one hell of a Muncie Madam. You see the way Eugene just offered up the last of his "Slaw" to her?

I met this lady named Chris at the bar last night. She was a real Muncie Madam.
By Janeta
Shithole college town located about an hour northeast of Indianapolis. Muncie offers a bizarre population of Ball State students intermixed with redneck crackheads, similar to Lafayette. Make sure that you always wear steel-toed boots when walking through Muncie, as the streets and sidewalks are littered with used heroin needles. After clearing that minefield, you may be able to admire the assortment of abandoned homes, dilapidated facilities, and dated roads that Muncie has to offer.

Chet: “Dude, I just got accepted to Ball State! ‘Funcie’ is about to be so live!

O’Doyle: “You mean Muncie? The used toilet paper of Indiana? Watch out for stray heroin needles my man.
By Brigitta
Muncie Juice
Gatorade Container filled to the brim with 2 handles of green apple skol, a few four-lokos and a fuck ton of Arnold Palmer.

Tom always starts telling me how hot the chicks he's banged are after a few cups of Muncie Juice.
By Ivory