Define Ounce Meaning

28 grams of marijuana, $160-$200 canadian, pay any more and your getting ripped off

hey there junior high kids, wanna buy an ounce for $300?
By Dorothee
a measurement of weight equal to 28 grams
often used in reference to drugs (especially marijuana)

how much an ounce of bud costs depends on who it is bought from, where it is bought, and what type it is. when buying drugs, there is not an amount of money that one is automaticly being "ripped off" at
By Stefania
28 grams of marijuana $100-$120 here in ct of some bangin ass nuggs or middies

yo lets go pick up a ounce for tonight
By Katlin
An ounce consists of 28 grams, not 8.

By Lanie
28 grams of marijuana, 30 if you're lucky, costs between $200 and $230(Canadaian). not just bush though that hydro stuff, cause we all grow up here

Yo bitch where's the money for that ounce i spotted to you.
By Bridgette
an ounce consists of 28 grams.a gram costs 10 dollars in canada(or you can get a 5 peice for 5 dollars)when buying weed in such large amounts,you can usualy get a deal,and can get it for about 180-200 dollars.a half 0(half ounce)can usualy be bought for about 100-120.A ounce or half 0 are usualy bought with intentions to sell most of it.

Dealer a) we goin down to the dp to pick up a ounce this weekend? Dealer b)no man,we smoked most of the profits from the last ounce,we only have enough for a half 0
By Fernandina
an ounce is 28.35 grams, of weed.
for good bud. no seeds. nothing crazy, but good buds. Not mids.
1 g = 10 bucks

1/8th = (3.5 grams)= 35 bucks
1/4= (7 grams) = 65-70

1/2 =( 14 grams) = 100-120
1 ounce = (28 grams) = 200-240

10 a gram is the standard, you usually get a discount with higher quantity, however straight 10 a gram isn't bad. for any higher price it better be real dank. for some higher quality bud, or even headies (damn good bud), depending upon dankness and dealer, 15-20 a gram - 40-60 for an 1/8th. 25 a g if its serious. 300-350 for an oz. about. Mid grades or schwag, 5-10 a gram, 20-25 bucks a quarter.
dime bag = 1 gram
dub = 2 grams

everything depends on the quality of the weed in question, the connect or dealer, location, and the quantity. usually a discount is given the more that is purchased. sometimes you may not like the price, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? hope this helps someone to not get ripped off, I know I sure hate it.

Hey man, I can get some good bud for 35 an 1/8th, or some headies for 20 a gram. you wanna throw down with us?
-Turn down The Dead, man, what'd you say?

Hey do you have a full ounce?
-Yeah, 210.

Yo all I can get is mids, 25 a quarter for that.

By Sophie
Ounce = 28 grams
quarter = 7 grams
4 quarters in an ounce

7x4 = 28grams...(mine are hooked up to like 32-35g's =D)

1quarter = 100$ (a ben/bill)
1ounce = depends on quality but sum chronic/KB would be...280-340 if u pay more ur get ripped easily =(

the more buddah purchased the cheaper

all these wanna b smokers, smokin shwagg :\ sorry to say u guys are amateurs :-\ (sum of u)
By Virgina
A weight measurement, commonly associated with marijuana. Since people can't seem to get this right, an ounce is 28 grams. 1 gram of weed (dime bag) is right around 10 bucks.
There are 16 ounces in a pound. An ounce of weed is commonly referred to as an "O", or less commonly, a "sack".

Im pickin up an ounce of some good shit tonight.
By Theresa
An ounce technically 28.3495 grams...maybe you can get some more out of your dealer now.

of course here in holland we use grams, much easier if you ask me. generally you buy 4 grams, of say white widdow, youd spend about 23 euros. pretty standard

Tourist says: excuse me, could i get an ounce of zero zero?
Coffeeshop employee Thinks: (fuck off you tourist),
Coffeeshop employee says: we work in grams here, want the list of available types?
Tourist says: ummm...yeah allright

Tourist ends up getting stoned out of his mind because he converts what he would pay in his country to euros, forgets that the quality is infintely higher, and ends up having a particularly negative experience...

...sound familiar?
By Margi