Define Precedent Meaning

Come before (something) in time, order or position.

She preceded him into the room
By Elsinore

His steez screams precedent, fresh btown status
By Marcy
Inhibiting success, simply cut the process of progress

These fake friends are preceding me to become what I want
By Legra
Peel Precedent
Referring to legendary, late British radio DJ John Peel, the case of the man playing vinyl at the wrong speed (ie. 33rpm at 45rpm or vice versa). The Peel Precedent is often invoked by DJs to excuse their own mistakes. Traditionally, there were three possible outcomes of such a mishap:

1. Peelie would stop the track about 30 seconds in, fluff a jocular apology and then play the track again at the correct speed
2. Peelie would let the track run to its conclusion, then admit his error (or ignorance - a lot of his vinyl had no indication of the correct speed) while arguing that it sounded good at the wrong speed anyway
3. In rare cases, Peelie would let the track run to its conclusion, argue that it sounded great at the wrong speed anyway, and then play the whole track again at the correct rpm, inviting listeners to draw their own conclusions with regard to its quality.

I messed up while DJing last night by playing Plastikman at the wrong speed, but i invoked the Peel Precedent and got away with it. It sounded just as good anyway...
By Rafaela
Precedent Obama
New name for Obama. The man is ready to set many precedents in office the likes of which have never been seen before.

Did you read about that new executive order?

Wow! Precedent Obama is really making new ground!
By Alix
System Of Ascending Precedents
a sequence of events wherein each event sets a new, higher standard that will act as a precedent for all subsequent events.
-As far as I know, this phrase has never been coined or defined before.

Bob tells funny stories and does spontaneous imitations at work. each one is a little funnier than the one before. his co-worker's expectations track with his performance so that now he has to maintain the gradient of improvement every time he opens his mouth or, - and this is the key- they will respond as if it was less funny than it really is. He has trapped himself in a system of ascending precedents.
By Aubrie
Precedent Of The United States
Refers to an "acquired from the past" habit/routine/action/policy, usually of questionable morals/ethics. It originates from a practice that a former U.S. prez began many years ago, and so then one or more C-in-C's have partaken of same sinfulness on numerous occasions since then because they figger that it is something they can get away with and thus they should be able to do it themselves.

A few "classic" and disgraceful examples of a precedent of the United States would be Kennedy's philandering (and so Clinton and Dubya followed suit), Nixon's dirty politics (and so Reagan did likewise, as well), and Reagan's running rough-shod over everyone (just as The Donald is doing now).
By Ivette
Preceding Hairline
Much like a receding hairline, but starts from the bottom and sides, mainly at the neck and sideburns.

What's up with Pete's hair? It's like receding, but from the bottom? I guess it's a preceding hairline? Fuck if I know I guess.
By Avril