Define The Process Meaning

The Process
Term describing the current state of the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Tanking to acquire assets to eventually rise from the douldroms of the NBA. Also the nickname for Philadelphia center Joel Embiid.

"Trust The Process!"

"When we win the 2020 NBA Finals, you'll thank The Process!"

"Sam Hinkie sacrificed himself for The Process."
By Fancy
Conversation(s) in which a couple, generally lesbians, overthink, overanalyze and overdiscuss their relationship until they drive each other mad. Usually framed in extremely evasive and passive-aggressive terms.

p 1: "Honey, how do you feel about processing? I noticed that you keep finishing the Rice Krispies even though you know they're my favorite cereal. I know how much you love me but it only concerns me because you've been spending so much time with the rugby captain lately. It's okay if you have a little crush on someone else, you can tell me, I know this happens in relationships. I just need my Rice Krispies. Is it because I said I didn't want a cat?"
p 2: Aaaaaaaaah!
By Zea
1. Do something, (or at least pretend to).

2. Method of doing something, (or at least pretending to).

3. To chop or mix ingredients as in a food processor.

4. To compute.

If this blasted computer doesn't stop pretending to process stuff and find some process for completing the process I assigned it, I'm going to put its processor into a blender and process it but good!
By Daria
It's A Process
1) euphemistic way of saying something has been tough or that you screwed up. Can be annoying if not used ironically.

2) way of talking about long-term goals and plans

1) Kanye West tweet, after misspelling "Silicon" "Silicone":

Lol I spelled Silicon wrong ( I guess I was still thinking about the other type of silicone ITS A PROCESS!! : )

2) I want to be able to forgive my dad after he slept with my aunt but it's a process.
By Eada
the obstacles and struggles one goes through to become a professional in his/her field of work.

Football players go through a major PROcess to become incredibley talented.
By Korie
the act of sitting at a computer, bored to tears, wanting to be anywhere but here... maybe even dead, and working through piles and piles and piles of insurance paperwork that you'd really just rather light on fire and make smores with.

heather and i were processing documents the other day when, BLAHHH (self explanatory) addy walked in, obviously hung over and maybe still drunk with none other than the ingredients for smores, so we lit our desks on fire and enjoyed the gooey deliciousness.
By Heda
To chew food and enjoy it, without swallowing it as to not consume it's caloric value.

Natalie processed a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in 30 seconds, on national donut day.
By Jobi
To change the structural integrity of and object so as to render it incapable of containing mass. This is usually accomplished by a sudden, violent force, such as an explosion, or having the object struck by a hollow-point bullet travelling at extremely high velocities.

We are going out to the firing range to process some watermelons with our 50 calibre rifles.
By Melanie
The act of leaving work at 3:30

I am going to pull a processing and leave work at 3:30 today despite my desk is full of work to do.
By Ilene
The Process
Discipline, Compete, Effort, Physical. The process is more than just the motto of the best high school football team of all time, it is a way of life.

I follow the process all day, every day, 100% of the time.
By Zsa Zsa