Define Preschool Meaning


I just took Joe to preschool and all the kids sneezed on him!
By Danyette
Older than old school. Way x 10^6 back in the day.

Eric Clapton's records have always been kinda old school, but that latest joint is preschool.
By Dorelia
The act of getting something, or making fun of someone, by acting like a preschooler.

1: "Alright one of us has to drive..."
2: "1-2-3 NOT IT!!!!"

Outsider: "Damn you just got PRESCHOOLED!!!"
By Anastassia
People who are really short and/or go to preschool. Such as midgets or simply 4-yr-olds.

Kev: Whoa! Jamie is such a preschooler!
Al: Yeah, I know!
Both: *laughs*
By Jacquelyn
Wack, shitty, boring, immature in an undesirable way

Man this event is preschool who tf wants to do this shit???!!!!!?????!!!!???
By Pattie
Preschool Dropout
Somebody so unbelievably dumb you swear that they must have dropped out of preschool.

5th Grader In 2010: "Justin Bieber's audience are all preschool dropouts! LOL!"
By Tilly
Porn For Preschoolers
Another way to say barbies. Referring to the almost constant nudity that seems to afflict the dolls. Expresses a general distaste for barbies.

Actual quote:
"Oh, and "Porn for Preschoolers"? Woo alliteration. Is that how you spell it? Hmmm... I think that'd market well, especially a little further into the future. Little kids emulate their older siblings who emulate the media, so if we put a lot of messages about porn and it's benefits on tv and the radio, we'd soon be able to reach that difficult preschool audience. Then, "Porn for Preschoolers" would sell like HOTCAKES!!! By the way, what the hell is a hotcake? And I haven't bought one ever, so I really think that phrase needs to be updated.

Hmmmmm... Sell like... What sells? IPods? Everyone seems to have one nowadays... damned things... What else? OH OH! Drugs. Perfect.

"Porn for Preschoolers" would sell like drugs."
By Shaun
Preschool Relationship
When People handle a relationship like they are still in preschool.

A really awkward relationship to be around.

Consists of Awkward holding hands, arms around each other, kissing or anything else that just makes the atmosphere really awkward and is unecessary

There in such a preschool relationship, every time they see each other they shyly just say hey and look down. Then proceed to wrap their arms around each other.

JIM: Do they always have to hold hands or awkwardly hold on to each other.
JAN:Of course they do they are in a preschool relationsship

If you ever think my relationship is becoming a preschool relationship, punch me in the face.
By Etta
Preschool Songs
Those asshole licking limericks you used to sing in preschool

"Clean up clean up every body every where clean up clean up every body do your share"

Things as simple as
"No cuts no butts no coconuts"

Any of these preschool songs can work as well as long as spoken in a childish voice with a strong but not forceful tone
By Olga
Jesus Preschool
The stereotypical, faith-filled pre-elementary school that most small town children went to, typically held in a church basement. Includes cheese balls, prayer before snack, and 100 toddlers singing "Away in a Manger" for the yearly Christmas performance. Not limited to Protestant (Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc.) and Catholic locations.

Oh my gosh, you went to Jesus Preschool? So did I! Did you say *insert rhyming prayer here*, too?!
By Anallese