Define Rock Band Meaning

Rock Band
Actually Drum Hero, but with Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution added for free.

Harmonix CEO: So how's Drum Hero going?

Harmonix Employee: pretty good, I think this game will be an amazing successor to our Guitar Hero

Harmonix CEO: But who will play a game with just drums? Lets throw in a couple of our guitars, Karaoke Revolution, call it Rock Band, and have it ready for me by Christmas.

*lights cigar with $100 bill and jumps into private jet*
By Jamima
Rock Band
1. A group of people, most commonly three to five in number, who regularly congregate for the purpose of making music that will hopefully make them rich and famous and get them laid.

2. A video game for the Xbox 360 that allows a person to simulate the experience of being in a rock band. One can either sing or play guitar, bass, or drums. Can be played with everyone together in one room or separately online. Akin to what being in an actual rock band would be like if you only played covers and had more cheet on your shirt.

Guy: Hey baby, I'm in a rock band, let's do it. (Girl follows guy into cheap motel room.)

Guy: Hey baby, I play Rock Band, let's do it. (Girl stares indifferently, blinks.)
By Rachel
Rock Band
A real rock band is a group of musicians who more or less follow the principals of Rock 'n Roll.

System of a Down, Rage against the Machine, Metallica, Aerosmith, etc. are examples of a rock band
By Kasey
Rock Band
A group of people that make noise therefore creating music

By Uta
Rock Band
A game created by Harmonix, involving the simple concept of Guitar Hero, but throwing in a mic, a bass, and drums. It provides a sense of creating your own band, and playing music, without the years of experience on a real instrument! You can form a band via Xbox Live, to have your girl from Hawaii singing, a good friend in Amsterdam on drums and a buddy in Chicago on bass, or you can just have friends come over and enjoy a "virtual garage band" experience. It will be released on November 20th, 2007 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. A PS2 release is scheduled for 2008. There is a bundle with all instruments at around $200, but the game itself is $60. It will provide backwards compatibility with a Guitar Hero guitar for those who don't want to spend $200. Also available are downloadable albums with all the songs, from the album, playable in the game. (The Who's "Who's Next" album, the first out of many albums that are going to be released), seperate songs and other DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and PS3 Network, for a microtransaction of course.

If you're interested, you can check out to see in-depth info on the game.

I can't wait to bang on those drums in Rock Band!

I can't wait to sing on the mic in Rock Band!

I can't wait to jam out on the guitar in Rock Band!

I can't wait to slap that bass in Rock Band!
By Coriss
Rock Band
Annoying the hell out of neighbors since 2007.

Does the guy next door playing Rock Band really think he can sing because it just sounds like someone is dying over there. And the drums... oh the drums... Can someone just shoot me in the face and end it already?
By Lauraine
Rock Band
n. A game played non-stop by all who purchase it. This game consists of drums, guitar, and a mic. People play all of these insturaments to pre-recorded versions of song.

"Craig, Paul , Dennis, Caroline and I played Rock band for 12 hours the other day"
By Hedda
Rock Band
A game closely resembling Guitar Hero, released for a variety of systems, most famously Xbox and PS2, which uses controllers shaped like guitars, drums and a microphone.

The game is fun for everyone, but seems to be designed so that actual musicians suck at it. The only places where actual musicians prevail is the expert level on vocals and drums, which, unlike the bass and guitar parts, are quite realistic.

Sometimes, groups of morons will actually come to believe they really can play guitar when they manage "Through Fire and Flames" on expert difficulty. However, this is a rare instance for two reasons. One is that that task is damn near impossible. Two is that most people with an IQ sufficient to play the game are too smart to have that happen to them.

Fortunately, there is a happy medium in both musicians and gamers who can just enjoy it instead of turning it into a retarded debate.

Rock Band is seriously awesome!
By Emmy
Rock Band
The best invention to make your children want to play real life drums. Using a guitar hero drumset makes the drums in the game look pretty much identical to regular drum kits. The game is obviously similar to guitar hero except that now you have drums and microphones. Playing the guitar im this game wont make you come far in real life, but learning how to play the drums will make you get a good sense of BPM. The singing on easy will simply make you understand the lyrics, but even if you sound a horse getting buttfucked in the face you can get lots of points. If you want to learn drums, rock band can be a good start for you. When you manage to complete expert without trouble, you can start learning which pattern resembles the correct pad on real drums ( on most drum kits.) rock band was the reason i learned how to play drums, and became the most repected guy in my school. Practice=skill!

Guy #1: Dude how you get so good at drums you're amazing!!!
Rock band dude: i just started playing rock band and got addicted therefore i wanted to learn real drums.
Guy #1: cool story bro.
By Regina
Rock Band
A musical ensemble usually consisting of about 4-5 members (Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes, respectively). There are existing bands that contain 2 members (The Black Keys) , 3 members (Nirvana), or even 6 members (Linkin Park). Usually a band consists of:

Lead Singer: the diva and the one who believes everything should go their way; nevertheless they are great singers, most of the time (ex. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes)

Guitarist (one or more): second in line diva and the one responsible for incredible solos (ex. Jimi Hendrix)

Bassist: laid back and underrated musicians, can deliver amazing bass lines (ex. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Drummer: underrated as well but usually a dumbass, hard hitters (ex. John Bonham from Led Zeppelin)

Another member of a rock band is a keyboardist

"I love rock music so much! What's your favourite rock band?" "My favourite rock band definantly has to be AC/DC. They can sure rock the house down!:
By Christine