Define Version Meaning

An instrumental version of a reggae song often dubbed onto the B-side of a single. Sometimes DJs would rap or "toast" over top of these versions. Through the studio manipulation and experimentation of such figures as King Tubby, Augustus Pablo and Lee "Scratch" Perry this practice grew into the reggae subgenre known as dub.

"King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown," producer Augustus Pablo's version of Jacob Miller's "Baby I Love You So," is far superior to the original.
By Ailey
(acoustic Version)
Absolute soul-wrenching heartbreak from which there is no recovery.

All aboard the lolnope train to fuckthatville (acoustic version).
By Teddy
Version Excursion
In IT when management cannot get anything done because they are unable to decide between the current version of software, and the promised "next version".

Mike wasted 3 days on a version excursion, while the rest of us played Online Bingo
By Roch
Macedonian Version
Pirated version of a video game, downloaded in advance. Obtained before street date. Popularized on the gamefaqs message board Nonstop Gaming - General by user White Wolf Kiba (who may or may not actually be from Macedonia and have a difficult time obtaining legitimate copies of games).

White Wolf Kiba posted "I downloaded the superior macedonian version of White Knight Chronicles".
By Joye
Uken Version
When a twat is tripping on spice

'This is a Uken Version' said the twat
By Aurelie
Sparknotes Version
noun: 1. Of or relating to telling a story in which the listener would like a shortened version, or you only want to tell them the summary, of your tale.
2. Telling someone not the complete story rather the summary usually with only the main parts involved. (Usually used when telling a story orally.)
3. The telling of your lengthy story the way someone from Sparknotes would write it.

Labrea: Hey Billy, tell me what happened between you and Kyle!

Billy: Alright, I dont have much time so ill tell you the sparknotes version real quick.
By Marissa
Koostic Version
To sprinkle Kief on top of the weed in a Blunt/Joint and boost your high. Derived from the terms "Kief" (Sprinkled on top) and "Boost" (Stronger high) to form "Koost" and stylized into "Koostic Version" due to the common "Acoustic Version" (Guitar and vocals only) of songs.

Guy1: Yo we tryna make this uhlil koostic version?
Guy2: Yup wheres the grinder at?
Guy1: I got it right here nigga!
By Valentine
Clean Version

And her pussy smells good, I said it
Cause she a clean version like a radio edit
By Wendeline
Walmart Version
a worse and often 'cheaper' version of something.

"Bethany's shoes are the Walmart version of Uggs."
"I look like the Walmart version of him."
By Mattie
Red Version
n. This refers to the "pokemon red" version in the pokemon for gameboy videogame series. This was orginally released in Japan in 1996. The object of the game is to beome a great pokemon trainer and obtain all 8 badges from the 8 gym trainers and reach it to the pokemon tournement. Another goal of the game is to "catch'em all." This is refering to catching all 150 pokemon. Now the myth about #151, Mew, is no true. You can't legitimately catch a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow. No matter how many times your buddy tells you that he found his Mew in a truck next to the SS Anne or how his Jigglypuff evolved into a Mew -- it's just not true. It's not an accident that Nintendo always publicizes its GB Pokemon games as having 150 Pokemon. Mew #151 is a bonus Pokemon not found in the first three Game Boy games (unless you use a GameShark device to unlock it -- but that can potentially screw up your save file, as well as render the game save incompatible with Pokemon Stadium. If you can't resist using a GameShark code to unlock Mew, be sure to only use it on a save file you're not too attached to).
However, this is by far the best pokemon game to date. Nintendo just released pokemon "fire red", which is a remake of the classic. Only trons will buy this, because it was red version that started the revolution and nothing could replace it.

I just got home from school and gamed on red version for a solid 3 hours.

Red version is by the best pokemon game and will always be.
By Valma