Define We Can Meaning

We Can
What your math teacher says before giving a lecture.

Mrs.K said we can do this and we can do that to the whole class for half an hour.
By Elke
Yes We Can
Barack Obama's new catch phrase which has somehow been made into a song, of course by the Black Eyed Peas (featuring numerous other celebrities), cause they're SO politically conscious. The song is meant to be inspiring, yes people working together, we'll change the world, etcetera, etcetera, except it really leaves me wondering whether william or whatever his fucking name is (I know there are some fucking periods somewhere in it) has any ear for music, because the song sounds like crap, and the Obama voiceover kills any possibility of a person actually enjoying the experience of listening to it, because (and I'm not naming any names) certain types of peas just can't make music.

In spanish yes we can translates as si se puede, but the song still sucks orangutan tits.
By Dotti
We Can Do It!
A term used by contractors, fabricators or other people in any service industry which translates into: "We CAN'T do it -or- It won't be what we promised -or- We'll never get it done on time (if at all) -or- Once your deposit check clears, you won't see us again until you take us to small claims court".
This term is usually said quickly and excitedly 'WeCanDoIt!!!' ; and used throughout the United States, but is very prevalent in the Southern California region.

Customer: "I need this cabinet completed in two week's time."
SoCal Fabrication Company: "We Can Do It!!"

... 3 weeks later...

Customer: "How come you haven't returned my calls? Is my cabinet done yet?"
SoCal Fabrication Company: "Whoze this now?"
Customer: "John Smith, the guy whose check you cashed 10 minutes after we met 3 weeks ago. Is my cabinet done?"
SoCal Fabrication Company: "Oh ya, ya, ya... we're doing that next"
Customer: "urgggg"
SoCal Fabrication Company: “Dude chill! We Can Do It!”
By Evangelina
We Can Be Heroes
An Australian TV show written, directed and acted by Chris Lilley, who also did Summer Heights High. It does not have much recognition as it isn't as funny as Summer Heights High.

Person 1: OMG I
By Estell
If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
Much like Get to da choppa! this is a much quoted line by the character Dutch in the action film Predator.
played by-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Must be said barely audibly, due to an over sized cigar or sum such stand in prop and a thick Austrian accent.

Can be used in any number of social situations often regarding an overly optimistic and highly unlikely outcome.

Mac: Dude, that babe is way too hot for you.

(puts rolled up beer mat between teeth and assumes Austrian accent)

Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

By Darcy
We Can Still Be Friends
Something that two people in a relationship say after they break up.

This rarely even happens, saying it is just a formality. Sorry.

Jeremy: I'm sorry, but it's not working out anymore. We can still be friends tho.
Madeline: Yeah, sure, I'd love that.

*avoids the other while walking in the corridors for 3 more eternities*
By Cherilyn
We We Can Of Beans

By Philis
We Can All Sing
an internet meme by victoria justice interrupting daniella to say that everyone in her friend group can sing while they were talking about ariana and daniella and liz

liz: ariana can sing anything!
ariana: awe ty!
daniella: liz also sings really-
victoria: wE cAn AlL sIng
By Germain
It's Cool We Can Still Be Friends
One of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Ever, truely.
Written by conor oberst, of bright eyes.

"And you say that I hurt you, in a voice like a prayer
Yeah, you say that I've hurt you, and your voice is like a prayer. Yeah, well maybe I hurt you sometimes, let's contrast and compare...lift up your shirt, the wound isn't there. I guess that your truth, is just the ghost of your lies...
...Yeah, your kind of truth, darling, is just the ghost of your lies, & I see through them all the time...
...I'm pouring some whiskey right now, I'm going to get so, so drunk, that I pass out, & forget your face, by the time I wake up..."

Kid 1: "Have you heard that beautiful song by Conor Oberst"
Kid 2: "But there are so many!"
Kid 1: "One of the most beautiful"
Kid 2: "Oooh, It's Cool We Can still be friends!"
By Keeley
We Can Get Back Together
what a boys says when he wants you but is breaking up with you because he has to protect his reputaion as a player

him- listen, it'd not working
you- what?
him- yeah, your parents, us not seeing eachother
you- i get it, so we're done?
him- looks that way, are you okay?
you-yep, i think your confused
him- probably, maybe if we have classes together we can get back together.
you-(in you head) i'm in honors classes, we won't have anything together your an idiot.( not in your head) ok bye
By Hadria