Define Ya Mean Meaning

Ya Mean

that girl is off da hook, ya mean?
By Mirelle
Ya Mean
Ya Mean- is another saying for youk know what I mean. (mostly used by brothas on the east coast).

By Lane
Ya Mean
it's short for u know wat i mean

yo that jacket iz tight ya mean
By Lisa
Ya Mean
abriviation for; do you know what I mean?

a suburb is around the city, not in it, ya mean?
By Alidia
Ya Mean?
the newest, shortest version of the "Do you know what i mean?" break down. Popular in Philly. It can also describe a person, usually male, who may fit the stereo type of someone who would use this term alot. see example.

"I'm not tryin to get fired over this, Ya mean? "

"She would never go out with him, he's too much of a Ya-mean."
By Camilla
Ya Mean
Short for saying do you know what I mean.(Used strictly by fast talking white guys.)

By Violante
Love Ya Mean It
within certain circles of middle school girls and older homosexual males, this is the throw-off, insincere closing to a superficial conversation. anyone with an ounce of sense realizes that it means nothing, as anyone who says "love ya" and means it - only "love YOU" means anything.

Caitlyn: Thanks so much for buying me this Prada purse! It goes great with my Fendi glasses.
Bridgette: Oh, you're totally welcome. Talk to you later! Love ya, mean it!
By Corina
Love Ya Mean It
Heard often on the Bob and Tom syndicated radio broadcast. Callers will say it as a funny way to sound that they are earnest. Another similar saying is "Love ya, love your show"

"Well, I've got to go now. Love ya -mean it!"
By Shirl
Love Ya Mean It
it means that you love somone and you mean it it is not just a love ya like platonic but it is actual love

Antonio i love ya, mean it!
By Melli
Love Ya Mean It

By Deane