Define Well Meaning

The well is the shelf under the bar where they keep liquor at hand for mixing drinks. So, a well brand or house brand is the brand of liquor served when a customer requests a drink by its generic name (e.g. gin and tonic, scotch and soda). It's usually the least expensive brand served, as opposed to more expensive call brands.

Order me a Jack and Coke. Their well brand tastes like bathtup gin.
By Ashli
A word used in Ireland generally in tipperary and by culchies. Often followed by 'hows she cuttin'?' Means hi! =

Pat: Well dick! Howz she cutin'?
Dick: Ah, sure tis grand.

all in a bogger accent
By Beatrice
A deep subject. Intensified with repetition.

"Well ..."
"That's a deep subject."

"Well, well ..."
"That's a very deep subject."
By Flor
often used as a substitute for very or so

That test was well hard
By Rosalie
A word used by those who don't want to be pinned down.

A non-answer to a specific question.

A delay tactic used by those who don't really want to answer the question.

Person 1: So when is the deadline?

Person 2: Well....

Person 1: So when is it?

Person 2: Well....

Person 1: ???@#$ , you aren't going to tell me are you.

Person 2: Mhmm
By Charil
Well is used instead of really nowdays because people who speak english correctly are considered to be un-cool by chav idiots, it used to be only used by such idiots but now they've ruined the english language for a lot of other people and decent people have started saying it. The correct way to use the world well is at the start of a sentance.

Stupid dumbass chav way: That's well gay.

Correct way: Well You were kinda mean.
Well nevermind.
Well, I'm off.
By Violette

By Joice

By Corri
If you remember the 80s, it was a warning that President Ronald Reagan was going to say something.

By Kassi
an answer to a question when you cant be arsed to speak or a word which can be used when your brain cant think of a comeback to an insult

joe sucks penis

joe your gay

By Micky