Define Joe Meaning


By Marjory
Chicago Term for greeting a person or calling someone if you don't know their name. Even if you do know their name, you still call them joe.

What's up Joe.
Man, Joe, we went to this juke party last night...
By Iormina
a term used by people that live in philly that means u are being hype, stupid, corny, full of shit, wrong or being a poser.

yo this girl is so joe. she was tryna fight me ova nothing.

omg my mom won't let me go to that party she joe as shit!!!
By Magda
joe is the boy that slightly resembles an adorable puppy. what with his big deep brown eyes and small smile that will make you melt from the cuteness. he's also hilarious, in that he makes you laugh all the time. he's got this vibe that makes you just want to give him a big hug and feel his warmth. when he's near, you can smell his scent. his scent lingers and you want that to be the only thing you smell. his lips look soft and kissable. though, you keep in mind that he is an angel that could never love you the way you love him. he's the one you want but can't have. there are so many other things to say about joe. he's so sweet and nice and lovable. he's perfect. that's one word to sum him up: perfect. he even got dose straight boys turnin' gay fo dat ass.

ryan: hey, you heard of that joe dude?
brendon: yeah, he's adorable
ryan: wait, what
brendon: i mean-...
brendon: ryro, i love you boo, it's just-.
ryan: i understand, i mean, just look at his face.
brendon: i know. *adoring sigh*
By Perle
someone who has a big heart. joes are always warm, and can never get enough hugs. they will go on long walks with you and talk about the future that is bound to happen. joes like their coffee white, and they will always make you a cup in the morning. they have great hair, usually a golden-brown color, and its always cute and ruffled in the morning. joes have minds like labyrinths. they are so confusing to read, but will always willingly tell you how they feel. they are super creative, and love to run around as much as they love to sit around and cuddle all day. but the best feature of joes is their taste in music. they love rock, classic rock, indie rock, pop-punk, alternative, and metalcore. joes will dance all day long with you, while singing of course, then sleep all night with you. most of the time joes will only wear hoodies and underwear while cuddling.

best friend: wait who was that? were you two kissing?
joes girl: oh, thats joe. hes mine.
best friend: you got a joe?! oh my god i want one!
By Katlin

bethany: hey do you know joe?
taylor: joe who?
bethany: JOE MAMA!!!
By Trix
simply perfection the coolest, most popular, most outgoing, funny, sexy ,most athletic people ever are named joe always the life of the party and everyone's bestfriend and the girls just cant stay away kinda guy , very laid back and can charm his way out of anything, and most people who have the name joe have a very very big dick !!

if i was perfect in every way my name would have to be joe
By Mariette
The boy you cant help but fall in love with. The boy that is in love with someone else but deep down HAS to know your the right one for him. He is constantly hinting that he cares about you and everyone besides you and him knows you are just perfect for eachother. Sometimes he gets a bit cocky and puts up massive walls and doesnt let anyone in. He doesnt want anyone to think he isnt tough so he never shows you his real feelings. No matter how bad you think things are going, never give up on joe.. just keep trying because one day he will realize how amazing you are and how much you care about him.

He might like someone else now, but joes a real keeper.. stick with him!
By Denise
n: A man with a long, thick penis, a freshly shorn scrotum, and the ability to maintain a granite-like erection for long periods of time. He is also attractive, funny, and brilliant. A little known aspect of a joe is the unparallelled ability to grill various meats.

Hot Girl 1: What's wrong with you? You have a stomach ache? And you are sitting kind of funny, like crooked.

Hot Girl 2: No, I had a date last night with this attractive, funny, and brillant guy who grilled the best meat I've ever had. I should have known, he turned out to be a joe. I tried to blow him, but he ended up jackhammering the bottom of my vagina for 3 and a half hours. Just wrecked it, I could fit a baseball bat in there when he was done. I'm SO sore today. I finally asked him what I had to do to make him cum. So that's why I'm sitting funny.

Hot Girl 1: You had to let him PIIYB, huh? Ouch. You happen to have his number?
By Mellisent
Being overly hype for NO reason.

(mostly used in Philly)

Dude: "Yooooo, we fuck bitches and get money!!!!!!!!!"

Me: "Why are you so fucking joe? Shut up!"
By Kaycee