Define Hype Meaning

when someone gets excited about something hype calm down homey.
By Bev
A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertized as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.

Millions of suckers fell for the hype and bought a Playstation 2
By Ezmeralda

That party was hype!!
By Ellyn
To get extremely excited over something that's not that exciting ..

Jimmy- " OMG I got the job at mcdonalds yayayayayayaa!!!!!!!!! "
Amy- " hype.. "
By Faye
a drug user who's method of administration is with a hypodermic needle, or syringe.

"is she a junkie?"

"yeah hype. she's got hep c and aids from sharing needles"
By Carline
Wild and flashy valuing style over substance with a breakneck pace.
Often makes little sense upon analysis, instead taking refuge in audacity and emotions.
Popularized, but not invented, by Woolie of the Two Best Friends video group.

The hype skyrocketed when that giant robot spin kicked the volcano.
By Damara
1. Very excited for something. This connotation requires that the word hype be followed by the word "for". Using "all" before the word hype accentuates the amount of excitement.

2. Very angry or upset at something. This connotation requires that the word hype be followed by the word "at." If neither "at" or "for" is used, the second definition is implied. Again, using "all" before the word hype accentuates the amount of anger.

1. "My dog Cookie was all hype for his walk because he had to pee."

2. "I was all hype.", or "I was all hype at my girlfriend for cheating on me."
By Valentia
When a person gets an amazing amount of credit that he/she doesn't deserve. Popularity makes them look extremely attractive. They think they are better than they actually are. These people get girlfriend/boyfriends because of their hyped up name. Later on, people will discover this hype but most don't discover it until it's too late. You get into a relationship with them because of their hype and you end up unhappy because the person you're with isn't worth your time. These people are DISGUSTING. Beware of hype.

Timmy: "Dude this girl is ridiculusly hot, she's like the hottest girl in our dorm."
Tommy: "Yeah right dude, she's all hype."
By Cinnamon
a drug addict; usually someone hooked on crack

that hype tried to sell me a broken gold chain for some rocks.
By Leshia
a cross between excitement, and anger.

bob: (listening to next hype tempa t). Starts jumping around punching people happily and screaming.
dave: dude, calm down your getting too hyped.
By Charla