Define Sell Meaning

the Utahn version of "sale" or "sail"

1.) I once went selling in a sellboat

2.) For Sell: 2000 GMC Suburban
By Carri
Commonly used as the basketball game 2k to "Sell" is to not do good as usual or to throw the game away and do bad.

An example of Sell: Man I played with Shawn and he sold the game when we were up 15-0
I hope I don't sell this game I'm usually pretty good
By Gabbey

Example #1 Daquaves was selling in trios so they didn't make any money

Example #2 He could be so good but his duo might sell
By Dorian
When playing the game “NBA 2k19” and shooting contested shots and yelling GREEN and missing your shots.

You’re selling dude.
You air balled
By Merci
Choking, especially in a video game; making a dumb or unforced error; getting carried; being a bot; throwing

“Bro you’re selling so hard right now, my back hurts from carrying you so much”
By Liz
Acting as if something never happened, or acting like something is not as major as it really is.

Undertaker no-sold the dust that Booker T threw at him.
By Ashil
Sell It
love your life, own it, do it, live it up, be amazing

That girl is really SELLING IT today! omg i know she looks so hott.

Time to go sell it at the party.

We really sold our lives tonight.
By Sib
Purposely throwing, or choking in a video game, like League Of Legends, or other video games like NBA 2K21.
A person who sells too much is known as a seller.

Friend 1: Yo Aldin sells too much wtf????
Friend 2: I know lets beat the shit out of him
By Rae
To be dealing drugs.

The minimum that I'm selling is QP's.
By Sharron
The opposite of buy-in. When a person or group cannot actually commit to something unless they are given something in return, usually for much greater that its actual value, and shamelessly at a ridiculous cost. The seller invests nothing, but lies about ownership when he or she is actually bought at the expense of the organization. There is no sense of pride, only personal gain.

The labor union cannot commit to anything, but if you give them over time or comp time, they will sell-in to anything, just so they can say they have ownership without actually investing their effort or commitment.
By Ardelis