Define You Don't Know Meaning

You Don't Know
An almost sarcastic response to something so seemingly simple you shouldn't have to ask the question to begin with. Could also be an affectionate term meaning again that the answer should be obvious but you just missed it. It is said so quickly, it almost sounds like one long word.

"He's owes me money that's why you haven't seen him. You don't know? He better not come around here".

Guy to his girl "I love you shorty, you don't know?"
By Edie
You Don't Know Dick
You don't know anything. You don't know what you are talking about. Similar to squat and diddley. There is also a board game and a movie called "You Don't Know Dick" but the saying is considerably older.

If you had to look this up, you don't know dick.
By Deana
You Don't Know Me
"You don't know me" is an incredibly brilliant statement that you can resort to when Mr. Jack Daniels is making it harder for you to say things that make sense.

Cop: Sir, have you been drinking tonight?
Me: You don't know me.
By Zilvia
You Don't Know Jack

A: Hey, dude! 34 that on Photoshop.
B: 34?
A: Yeah, make that steamy.
B: Steamy?
A: Dude, you don't know jack about imaging, don't you?
By Kakalina
You Don't Know Me!

Jerry: Let's bring out the fat and ugly sluts!


Sluts come out screaming, "You don't know me! You don't know me!" while audience is booing with disgust.
By Elfie
You Don't Know Me
An expression often yelled by voluptuous women in heat. Meant to convey their rebellious sass, invincibility, and general rejection of white male society. The expression is often utilized in day time talk shows based featuring bootylicious women on quests to find their respective "baby daddies." Warning: Do not mess with this species of female. She will shank you. Also, the phrase rarely makes contextual sense.

Todd: Hey babe, let's go back to my place.

Monica: I ain't yo' ho. I won't give it up that easy.
Todd: Baby, can't I just put the head in?
By Zaneta
You Don't Know Me!
what all young I- think- I'm-misunderstood- by- society -so- let-me-listen-to-gay-ass-emo yells at their parents once in while,so they can really convince themselves that the world is out to get them and they're rebels but in reality they're just conformist SoB's

Fat Mom: Want some cookies?
Angry teenager that goes to Hot Topic and thinks they're cool: YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!GO AWAY LINKIN PARK!!!
Fat Mom: Fine then more for me
By Elonore
You Don't Know Jack
An extremely popular video trivia game where the categories are outrageous, the questions are hilarious and the host makes fun of you when you're wrong! Everyone I know goes crazy for these games.

Have you played today's Daily DisOrDat game on the You Don't Know Jack Website?
It's called:
Spank Me! Spank Me Per the Geneva Convention!
Me DisOrDat you long time.
And it tests your knowledge of two very important topics!
By Alysia
You Don't Know Me

if i was arguing with someone nd i tell them you don' know me. i'm to fight you.
By Dallas
Bo, You Don't Know Diddley!
This is a catch phrase that originated in a TV ad in the late Eighties that featured super athlete extraordinaire Bo Jackson and rock'n'roll pioneer Bo Diddley (he's notorious for his famous box-shaped electric guitar). Basically, the term means that somebody doesn't know doodly squat.

The narrator says:
Bo knows football.
Bo knows baseball.
Bo knows weightlifting.
In the meantime, Bo Diddley cranks out the notes on his guitar.
Then he says:
Bo, you don't know diddley!
By Janifer