Define A Jack Meaning

Jack And Jack
They are two vine famous teenagers from Nebraska. They also have many good songs like "doing it right" and "flights". Jack Johnson and Jack gilinsky are also very hot.

Girl #1- I love jack and jacks song doing it right
Girl #2- Me too
By Josey
Jack To Jack
The Jack to Jack (Back to Back Jack) Is the attempt to masturbate immediately following a previous orgasm.

I attempted a Jack to Jack but I was to sensitive to continue.
By Leda
Jack Jacked
When a guy is jacking off and is interrupted by a second individual who "lends a hand" and finishes the job.Ideally,the interloper could be the wife,girlfriend,a hot maid,or cute neighbor girl. Strangely,the good samaritan could be a sister,grandma,brother or roommate.

I was choking the chicken when my sister's hot friend barged in the bathroom and jack jacked me.
By Madelyn
Person who is kind & wholesome until pushed over the line. Reference to baby JackJack from "The Incredibles" Movie.

Don't keep pushing him. He's going to go Jack-Jack.

Be careful with him. He's got a Jack-Jack personality
By Ronalda
Jack Jack
When one leaves his seat and calls jack jack which ultimately reserves that seat for him when he returns. Jack Jack was created long before Tap Tap and Jack Jack actually over rides all claims to tap tap. Originated in the city of Gig Harbor which was founded way before Tacoma.

When you get up, "Jack Jack".
By Dreddy
A Product made from mixing a bowl of "Apple Jacks" with a can of "coke." This is said to have great effects on your body and increase your testosterone level and get you JACKED.

"Man I love my Jacked-Jacks"

Before using Jacked-Jacks: "I can't lift this church!"

After using Jacked-Jacks: " I CAN LIFT THIS CHURCH!!"

By Zonda
Jack Jack
a sneaky little person that works at cybercamps, and is constantly bugging owen about him being an LIT. he wears a stuipd pink ballon around his head, which has headlice.

By Carlie
1) ripped

2) stolen

3) loaded with money

1) Man that dude from the gym is totally jacked

2) Yo man! That freak just jacked my wallet!

3) That guy from the bank is jacked, did you see his car?
By Walliw
New York slang for claiming something to be true in which is actually a lie.

Sean: Yo, I heard you and Markus' sister hooked up last weekend after we chilled.

Davis: Bro, chill. Her and I are just friends. I simply walked her home; that's all. Stop 'jacking' that.
By Didi
Jacked In
Plugged in to the internet, especially involving mic/earphone capability over virtual reality and video games.

"The only reality is virtual. If you're not jacked in, you're not alive." -Fritz from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
By Dyanna