Define Get Up Meaning

Get Up
someone's outfit, usually directed to a good looking hizzy.

(whispers)yo, check out that get up on skeezah.
By Phillie
Get Up

By Ellen
Get Up

Im going to get up on that wall tonight.
By Blanch
Get Up
basically the same thing as get down since one must get up to get down. Specifically implies to get up on the dance floor and get down.
Usually associated with James Brown...see usage

Get up! Get on Up! Stay on the scene, like a sex machine.
By Gabriel
Get Up
to be under the inlfluence of marijuana

'Yo I'm so up yo ' or
'when we finna get up? I just copped two dimes'
By Arlene
Get Up
to get high on weed
to smoke marijuana
to smoke pot

yo nigga, (i'm white by the way) want to get up?
By Chloette
Getting Up
in graffiti terms: getting your name (tag) up

i've seen 20 of his tags just today! damn, he's getting up!
By Fayina
Get Up With
To contact someone,to speak to someone, to get a hold of someone.

Where have you been? I've been trying to get up with you?
By Tootsie
Get Up In That
When you're tryna smash but u dont wanna say it directly cause you're in front of their parents or in public

Ay ma let me get up in that later, nawwwmean
By Lorianna
to graffiti tag your name in a public place

i saw his name around the street, he must be getting up
By Nelly