Define Later Meaning


I'll finish this later.
By Tobi

By Ardelia
A way of saying ‘no way’. Typically used by Londoners

Friend: ‘do you like him?’
Me: ‘LATER!’
By Chanda
1. when a girl says later. she means never, chin up, bucko!

2. checking the time and seeing it is now an uneven time and telling yourself you simply can't do homework now!

1. I texted her Netflix and chill? she said later woop woop!!

2. I got home at 3:01 I'll do my homework later!
By Latrena
could be said with a wink for a sexual code.

boy: i want some!
girl: later babe ;
By Allyce
Later Later

wife: when are you going to fix that pinche car?!
husband: aye cabrona! I'll do it later.
wife: pinche pendejo! do it now. not later later.
By Vina
to delay; push back or make later

We should laterize the party to 9pm.
By Jandy
Later On
a way of saying good bye or see you later

Person 1: well i got to got now
Person 2: okay
Person 1: later on
Person 2: later
By Myrtle

I'm gonna laterize this assignment
By Gilberta
Later is 2-3 hours from the period of saying or doing something later.

"Talk to you later"
" how long is later?"
"Later is 2-3 hours from the period of saying or doing something later"
"Okay see you later"
By Lory