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A Man


By Francesca
A Man
a woman's "time of the month." she will behave similar to a man (wanting to eat a lot, being rude and moody, etc.) people who would be attracted to the woman under normal circumstances become turned off and repulsed upon finding out the woman is a man.

this is a temporary state of being and must be waited out and handled with caution.

Boyfriend: Hey, we have the house to ourselves... you wanna......?
Girlfriend: No! I'm a man! All i want to do is eat some f*cking icecream and watch project runway!
Boyfriend: I'm getting the hell out of here!
By Tedda
Man's Man

Who is the Man's Man? He's the real class act. He always shaves and wears clothes that fit. He's worldly, educated, and a gentleman. He thinks that buttoned shirts are not just for special occasions and that newspapers have more than one section. While he is polite, he is not a pushover. He will swear when he needs to, but will try to control his temper. He can handle his liquor and keeps himself in shape. Most importantly, he will admit his faults and errors, because that is what real men do. He don't have to be gay or straight, black or white, Republic or Democrat, Athiest or Evangelical; he just does what ever he thinks makes himself a good person that he can be proud of. For these reasons, women want him and men want to be him.

Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Denzel Washington are all examples of a Man's Man.
By Pierrette
Man Man
The manliest state of being. Basically being able to do any of the following: chop down trees with your penis, eat rocks for breakfast and shit out gunpowder, headbutt your front door open, causing it to splinter into pieces, jump off a cliff and break your fall with your face, wrestle sharks, kill a bear with your bare hands, etc.

Dude man man gets all the bitches and makes them clamjoust. I know he is finnin as fuck.
By Abra
Man Man
an overused nickname for a son in a black household

hey pookie! get man man for me
By Johnna
Man's Man
A man's man is generally a male that puts the bigger things in life before him. He is humble, and always makes people feel important. He is very intelligent and works very hard. A man's man is someone that has aspirations in life, and wants to be the best that he can be. He will never say or do anything out of the way that would hurt his career, family, or the person that he loves. He is very polite, and always works for what he has. He takes control of situations and does this to the very best of his ability.

"you're such a man's man."
By Tammara
A Man's Man
"A man's man" has qualities other men admire; he is a man other men would like to be, a man who enjoys activities which require physical as well as mental strength and stamina; however, the definition is not stuck in some macho paralysis as the qualities that make a man are changing and being revamped from time to time. John Wayne may have a man's man at one time, but for this day and age, he would be seen as too conformist and black and white in his views. Independence, integrity, self-sufficiency, ground-breaking vision, brave physically and morally, and loyal to other men to an ocassional fault are relevant qualties of a man's man.

"A man's man" will stand up for another man rather than cave to some dishonest demands of a close female; a man's man would do what's best for another guy without taking undue advantage, evidencing a certain nobility; a man's man doesn't always grin and bear it as honesty about one's limitations defines the character of a man and engenders the trust of other men. He withstands the peer pressure of women and other men when it is falsely leveraged against him.
By Evy
Man's Man
A man who is strong and masculine; meaning he pursues, defends, conquers and rules. Rather than being a "nice" guy, he's a "good" guy - not a pushover but strong in his convictions, values and resolve. (Example: someone who can "man up") This is not dependant on his socio-economic status, but rather his willingness to embrace his God-given masculinity.

A lot of women like a man's man; because they are strong and offer something different and very valuable to the experience of being female. When a woman finds a man's man who is a "good man" instead of a "nice man" she gets to have the perks of being with a "bad boy" -the strength, toughness and masculinity, without having to actually be with a bad boy. It's an ideal situation.
By Corrie
Man's Man
Inspiration of what a real man is. a Role Model of a man

Scott Martin, Scotty, Man's Man
By Inge
The Man-man
Doing the man-man is when you bend down on a girl while ejectulating all over her face and taking a shit on her boobs.

Last night Ryan did the man-man on Jessica's face and her mom walked in and vomited everywhere!
By Patience