Define Amaka Meaning

The baddest bitch on the planet. No one can stop her. She is beautiful and kind but don't take her for granted do something to her and she will show karma is a bitch

Damn look at amaka she's beautiful
By Sibley
She is nice never rude unless you are rude to her always cute sometimes she can be ruthless.

Wow look at Amaka
By Fredia
A fun,cute,outgoing Nigerian gal. She loves you if you're nice, she despises you if you treat her wrong. An Amaka is usually good at hugs and kisses but if you cheat, you're dead.

Oh look! It's Amaka!
By Keri
A act of doing extremely dumb things

Why do you Amaka so much. That shit isn’t cool
By Janetta
Amaka Jones
A typical Igbo Nigerian babe; tall, smart, babygirl-for-life attitude. She doesn’t take no for an answer.

Can be used simultaneously for fun and member of chop-life-gang.
She is independent, kind hearted and extroverted. Mostly sanguine

Founder of Babygirl for life worldwide

Amaka Jones this party
Put your Amaka Jones pants on
By Sile