Define Baseball Meaning

Baseball is a sport which I know and love. Anyone who can take the time and learn every aspect of this amazing sport is high on my list. It takes cunning, skill, determination, speed (especially), and persistance to do well and have fun. But winning is nice too.

By Othella

Baseball isn't just about home runs, dumbass!
By Miran
hitting on a person of the opposite gender; an extension of the physical stages in a relationship defined as first base, second base, third base, and homerun. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

Person1: Yesterday, my friend broke the bro code. He played baseball instead of coming with me to the concert.
By Melitta
A very difficult and amazing game, played by some of the greatest athletes in the world and if you think its boring youre retarded. This game is so difficult the failure rate is 7/10 times, if youre someone who doesnt like baseball and bashes it saying its easy then you obviously havent played or tried to pitch to buster posey, matt kemp, juan uribe, or andre ethier, or tried to hit a clayton kershaw 97 mph fastball. Do that well then say its easy.

Person 1: "Wow did you see that Kershaw struck out Howie Kendrick on 3 pitches!"

Person 2: "Yeah thats what happens when you throw 95 mph its baseball magic."
By Casie
The best game ever created. A game that takes exceptional athleticism, exceptional knowledge of the game, and intelligence. The only sport in which you can succeed 30% of the time and be considered great. That in itself shows how difficult of a sport it is to play. Many people argue that hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in all of sports. Now whether you disagree or agree, there is no question that hitting a 90+ MPH baseball is extremely difficult and takes a great amount of skill. Not to mention the ball can curve, cut, sink, slide, etc. Also, throwing a baseball is one of the most unnatural things that your body can do, and throwing it with great velocity is a very special thing that very few can do. The most difficult sport to play (except maybe for golf) by far. Anybody can pick up a basketball or a football and be decent at it without ever practicing, that does not apply in baseball. You either can play the game, or you can't. Bottomline: it is America's favorite pastime and always will be. It's more than just a game, it's a way of life.

Derek Jeter is one of the greatest hitters in baseball in recent memory.
By Dora
baseball is a game in which extreme amounts of mental toughness/concentration are needed in order to play successfully, also known as america's pastime.

a player on a baseball field has to be ready for the ball to be hit to them every single pitch. Lets say you don't have the ball hit your way the entire game until the final inning (9th in MLB) after being mentaly prepared for roughly 150 pitches (2 and a half hours, give or take) without seeing it come your way, in that play you drop the ball causing your team to lose...extremely taxing on the mind, do not ever say this game is easy until you try this.
By Darice
Baseball, quite simply, is amazing. It's a sport in which mental toughness, execution, and skills are put to the test. Anyone who dislikes this sport has big issues. This sport has the power to bring families together, and is a huge part of childhood, and a bonding moment between a son and his father, or grandfather. It is a way of life, and is a huge success in America, the greatest country on earth! GO BRAVES!!!

baseball is awesomeness
By Pris
Life (stupid urbandictionary is messing with the simplicity of this definition).

Person 1: Baseball is life
Person 2: That's repetitive, life is life?
By Amanda
Best goddamn sport ever. Screw whatever the hell you assholes in Britian call Rounders. WTF is that shit? Baseball is a great game, and the AMERICAN pastime, so it's automatically freakin awesome. FUCK YOU BRITIAN!!!! CUZ WE WON THE REVOLUTION!!!! HA!!!!

American: Let's go watch the Yankees vs. Red Sox game at the bar.

Brit: I do believe we should go onto the pub and watch a little soccer

American: Never say soccer to an American you fag!!!

American:*punches out British bastard* C'mon guys, let's go watch the Yankees game. And then, we can laugh at England for losing the Revolution!

Other Americans: Sounds good Joe.
By Katalin
Okay, I am just responding to that really long definition about the kid who said that baseball was an "unathletic" sport. If you would do some god-damn research you would realize that baseball is a very athletic sport. First of all, hitting a ball going 90 miles per hour with a 3 inch wide bat takes athleticism and hand-eye-coordination. And to hit a homerun u need to hit the ball 300-400 ft, now don't tell me that hitting a ball going 80-100 mph for 300-400 ft doesn't take athleticism. In Basketball all you need to do is dribble the ball, which u learn when ur 5, and then throw the (big) ball and the (big) hoop. And if you are tall all you need to do is stand in front of a guy and put ur hands up and block the shot. And did u know that Micheal Jordan SUCKED ASS when he came to play baseball. so what u said about anyone being able to play is bullshit. And what about soccer? All you need to do is kick a ball, into a net. For baseball, it takes lots of athletic ability to throw a ball 90-100 mph, and make it drop, curve, cut, etc. So before u get alll mad at baseball, do some research about it....PS--last time I checked, in Football, when you are on offense or defense, you are sitting for longer then you are during baseball. And baseball is a 162 game season, and they only have 18 off days. 162 games in 180 days! now that takes stamina, skill, athleticism, determination, which is why baseball is the best sport ever!

That kid who was talking about baseball needs to get his head outta his ass and stop talking about baseball. The only reason he makes fun of baseball is because he sucks at baseball, and because of his failed attempts at the sport, he likes to make fun of it.
By June