Define Circles Meaning

a wonderful form of lesbian sex, or even masturbation. but mostly lesbian sex.

In the L Word, it is what Papi does to Alice to make her so so OH OH!! HAPPY!! She loves those circles.
By Vivia
lesbian sex involving one girl giving the other girl circles.

what Papi gave Alice on "the L Word" that made her so happy. Oh! Oh! OH!! BIGGER CIRCLES!! MORE CIRCLES!! YES YES YES!!
By Casey
lesbian sex involving circles. one lesbian giving the other lesbian circles.

also, a great form of masturbation for a woman.

In the "L Word", it is what Papi did to Alice that made her so happy. Alice loved those circles.
By Chery
The Circle
The act of sitting in circle while smoking pot.
Made famous by that 70's show when the actors would sit in a circle while acting high and spouting random things

eric- "kelso there is no crying in the circle
By Adora
A polygon with an infinite amount of sides. Also, a set of all points all equidistant from the center.

What are you studying in Geometry?
I am studying circles!
By Jermaine
A name for the anarchist symbol of an A surrounded by a circle. Often misused by teens as a symbol for smashing things up.

"Hey look someone drew a circle-a on that building. Awesome!"
By Bianka

By Callie

By Cloe
A Circle
to form a circle around a man or woman (pivot man) then making the pivot give everyone a hand job or blow job

man we made him pull a circle last week and he burnt up a couple of cocks before we could calm him down
By Rhea
The Circle
a group of highly under qualified overachievers situated in Toronto, who's delusions lie in the comfort of their parents money as a lifeline, projection of the human ego whilst under the influence of crystalline tropane alkaloid powders (likely purchased with inheritance/allowance monies) & strength in numbers as to hide the weakness of their own worldly existence.

"The circle" are toy brats who would be better off if they focused on the detachment from growth in their own false humility, and the acceptance of the reality about themselves, their own weakness and thier own limitations.
By Lindi