Define Comin Meaning


Yo you, knwo that underground fool DJ Stylez? His ass is comin fast...
By Daloris
Tuck Comin
Signature catch phase for Mel Tucker, the cigar smoking Michigan State football head coach. Famous term within the Instagram fanpage community.

“Michigan State lost out on Luke Fickell (who was a lock per hype beast Spencer Dyle) but picked up Mel Tucker! Tuck comin! Hamp Fay is a 5 star”
By Adela
Comin Down
A term used by southern rappers(Houston)to describe how to come up or show up

"Man I'm comin down and ya kno I'm thoed/on the microphone/rocks in my earlobe-Big Moe
By Harrie
Comin Up
1. In the act of succeeding.
2. Reaching success

Man, Armenians are comin go to Glendale and see them rolling in S-classes, and they don't give a f**k.
By Miranda
You Comin With
A question you ask to a bro to see if they would like to join you to go somewhere.

By Gilbertina
Comin' In Hot

We drank about 12 Jack & Cokes on the plane so we were comin' in hot to the Bellagio.

I was comin' in hot to Katie's party after that beer-di game, and when I saw that little slut in the black dress I went straight up to her and started grabbing her ass.

By Eva
Comin Down
yo comin down is when u ridin clean in ya slab, whip or whatever, but you can't be comin dine in a monkey ass car or hoopty.

Mayne i gonna be comin down on them boys when i slab my 88(delta).
By Lee
Comin' Dine
To come down on or go to a certain person, place, or thing. But also flexing on, pulling up on, selling drugs to, or destroying others in the most pimpish of ways. It could also mean the act of having fun.

"Hey, you comin' dine and poppin trunk on these hoes wim'me or nah? "
"Yeah mane, it's goin dine!"

"Woah, these dementia pills are somethin else mane! We really out here comin dine on these hoes!"
"We really stay breakin boys off in this tine, cause we out here COM'N DIIIIINEEE on these hoes!"
"I'm gonna be comin dine with this skunky funky good green shit, just a few minutes mane."
"You coming to the party?" "Yea mane, we comin diine on this party mane!"

"Then I runbbed her clit under her skirt in public like a pimp really comin dine on ya!"
By Lacie
Comin' For A Pint?
A phrase often used by the regular members of the Black Bull Public House.

Gentleman One; "Eh, comin' for a pint?"

Gentleman Two; "Sure thing, I'll meet you down the bull in ten."

By Glenine
Comin Of Jesus
When you’re in trouble with your boss and having a coaching session with them.

Terry was always late for work so the boss gave him a Comin of Jesus meeting
By Zaria