Define Gay And Shit Meaning

Gay As Shit
When you are extremely gay. You are so gay it's in another level

By Pearla
Gay And Shit

Person 1 - Bro you know Benjamin is gay and shit?

Person 2 - Yeah ever since he became a furry it all went downhill.
By Melva
Gay As Shit
When some1 is sooooo gay that you cant find another word for it. The only word that is possible to describe some1 soooooooo gay is the phrase gay as shit

By Andee
Gay Nigga Shit
A nigga that's on some of that gay shit cuz

By Bertha
Gay Ass Shit
When something is very annoying, stupid, or dumb. Can also mean something funny.

Bobby: Hey do you guys like my morph suit?
Marcus: Bobby, thats some gay ass shit.

Josh: A threesome with two guys isn't gay, but buttsex; now that's some gay ass shit.

Ryan: Hey Reid do you want to go to Chuck E. Cheese?
Reid: Chuck E. Cheese? That's some gay ass shit. But...sure.
By Moyra
Gay Little Shit
Someone who bursts with gayness in their everyday life. Term of endearment.

Alex: "Aw, Clarke, you gay little shit!"

Clarke: "Wow Alex, you're acting like a gay little shit right now.

Alex" "Am not you thottibiscotti!"
By Venita
Im Gay As Shit
someone who is way to gay to live in a normal word.

"omg bro im gay as shit, let me go home"
By Marina
Fucking Gay Ass Shit
(Adjective)- Whilst being annoyed while playing popular first person shooters thoust shall lose in fair fight and blame the game, or shall shout at TV that is not listening to said players rage and say "That's fucking gay ass shit!"

*While using shotgun at close range* How'd he kill me with that shotgun!? I'm using the same gun and he beat me! How!? That's fucking gay ass shit right there."
By Karlotte
Gay Shit

The gay shit is me.
By Karissa
Gay Shit

By Gwennie