Define Gotta Go Meaning

Gotta Go
A term used by people when in extremely awkward or un-wanted situations. Often said at a quick pace and often accompanied by a rolling of the eyes. It is a short response which actually has paragraphs of meaning behind it. If you have "Gotta go" said to you by someone else you have probably just made a fool of yourself. Consider jumping off the next cliff you see.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

Bud: "Let's hang out sometime and play Teletubbies."
Jill: "Gotta go!"

Person 1: "Want to come up to my room and finish Shrek!?"
Person 2: "Gotta go."

Person 1: (Says this to someone with a boyfriend deployed to Iraq.) "Oh my gosh, I miss my boyfriend so much. I haven't seen him in 3 hours!"
Person 2: (Instead of punching person one in face) "Gotta go!"
By Gill
Gotta Go Fast
Sonic the Hedgehog's most famous phrase, also the phrase repeated the most amount of times in Sonic X's opening theme.

By Candi
Ahh! Gotta Go!
An exclamatory phrase uttered to highlight a truly incredible moment, exemplary act, or memorable event. This excited utterance is most prominently used when there are simply no other words to describe the pure awesome-ness of the situation.

NOTE: Learned etymologists recognize that only a rare number of events or circumstances are actually worthy of this phrase, and so do not overuse it. In the event that a person is so fortunate as to live in or experience an incident or situation that may be deemed to be an even greater, more momentous moment – a pinnacle amongst pinnacles, as it were – the phrase may be expressed in all-caps in order to further emphasize its supreme significance.

ANNOUNCER: β€œHow did it feel to hit the game-winner that put your team in the playoffs?”
PLAYER: β€œAh . . . man . . . I don’t know what to say; I have no words. Ahh! Gotta Go!”

β€œRadiohead just came out with a new album?! AH! GOTTA GO!”
By Lily
Gotta Go Fast
You think I'm too fast? So does my girlfriend! Wait a second...

Gogogogogogo GOTTA GO FAST
By Othelia
I Gotta Go
Excuse me, but if I don't get to the restroom, there's going to be a mess.

See shit happens.

Woodjoo move? I gotta go!
By Joana
You Gotta Go
When someone says or does something retarded making everyone around he/she cringe.

Bob: "I eat dick"
Chris: "What the ..."
Jessica: "Um"
Phil: "You gotta go"
By Terrye
I Gotta Go
The Sunday School incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.

See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of shit happens.
By Marlie
I Gotta Go
Phrase stated when person #1 is bored/unfascinated with person #2 and wants to get on with their life.

Often stated as "I gtg."

Person #1- Hey do you wanna go to Linda's party tomorrow night? It'll be really fun and a lot of our friends are gonna come.
Person #2- k
Person #1- I gtg.

Person #1-Blah, blah blah, my friend, blah, so much fun, blah, lol
Person #2- I gotta go.
By Hermina
noun A girl who purposely has no fun at a club and c- blocks any man who tries to hit on her girlfriends.Her identifying mark is the term, "we gotta Go." If you dont occupy her she will ruin your chances at meeting her friends.

"Jim im going on the dance floor, youre my wingman so you must cover the we gotta go girl."
By Caresa
Dang! I Gotta Go!
Exclamation, point where you realize that you might not make it to the restroom.

mandy cried "dang, i gotta go" just before the pee started flowing down her legs.
By Ilyssa