Define Hand Over Meaning

Hand Over

-I know you have the map
- Hand over the map!
By Thelma
Hand Over Hand
Hand over hand is term used to describe "choking a sucka". It is when you place one hand around a persons neck, then putting you other hand partially over that first hand and on the remaining part of the exposed neck.

Dude I'm about to hand over hand you if you keep talking about my girl that way!
By Dulcia
Hand Over Fist
energetically and rapidly

He completed his assignments hand over fist.
By Florri
Making Money Hand Over Fist
visiting the sperm bank,as a means of supplemental income.

>kevin exits sperm bank<
kevins friends "hey theres kevin,wow, he's making money hand over fist"
By Kassey
I Wipe My Hands Over You
To be done with someone, but to wish them the best.

By Tatiania
Hand On Cock Over
a reference to your penis as a way out of getting out of a sticky conversation with someone.

"Adar I thought you were going to pick me up tonight?
" hand on cock over"
By Kalli
Hand Over Da Muns
h0i! tEm want da muns.

*tem demands your muns*

*the superior way of saying give me your money

Tem: Hamds up! Hand over da muns!
Hooman: *is scared*
Tem: *demands your muns*
Hooman: *give Tem da muns*
By Geri