Define I Wish Meaning

I Wish
a song popular in the mid 90's preformed by the rapper skee-lo

By Cristine
I Wish
R Kelly fan and someone who especially likes this inparticular song.

Mr. G and Laura B have dedicated this song for each other as an eternal meaning of their great friendship.
By Carola
"I Wish" Disease
A mental illness in which the afflicted is compelled to respond to others' sentences by rearranging them in something similar to the following format:

"I wish I was/had/etc. 'x,' then I'd get ALL the ladies!"

This disease is often accompanied by the "That's what she said" Virus.

NOTE: Does not have to make sense; in fact, it usually doesn't.

Sam has "I Wish" Disease. He really starts to piss people off with it.

Josh: " mom had a heart attack."
Sam: "I wish I had a heart attack! Then I'd get ALL the ladies!"
By Lissy
I Wish I Was A Twat
sarcasm- used at the end of a really poor stoey or joke by an individual.

"i wish i was a twat"
By Miguela
I Wish I Were Heather
Conan Gray's adorable gay ass expressing how his crush chose 'Heather', this perfect little barbie doll that is amazing in every way, over him.

It's a metaphor on how he says he wish we were Heather so he could be finally loved by his crush for once.

Heather: "Hey Jackal, looking good today!"
Jackal *crush* : "Hey Heather! Wanna go to the movies to watch that new horror movie?"
Heather: "Sure!"

Conan, on the verge of killing himself: "I wish I were Heather"
By Corene
I Wish I Could Do That
Joke. When you see a buddy's dog licking his dick and you say,"I wish I could do that." Your buddy replies,"Go ahead,but,he's liable to bite you."

"I wish I could do that" is what you say when you see a dog licking his dick.
By Arliene
I Wish You Would
Used when someone is in the act of trying your character and or thinking they could do something To you

Thotiana: I will drag yo ass right out yo lacefront
By Leigha
I Wish A Nigga Would
Ghetto translated: I dare an individual to perform a disrespectful action against myself.

Guy 1: I heard Keyshawn was gonna jack your pepperoni off your pizza.
Guy 2: I wish a nigga would.

Guy 1: I heard Jamarcus finna going around untying people's shoe laces.
Guy 2: Man, I wish a nigga would.
By Dotti
I Wish You Would
A provoking phrase used toward someone who looks as though he is about to do or say something to aggravate you, but hasn’t yet. Most often, after the person does or says that something, he wishes he hadn’t.

Amy: Oh my God, did just see that look I just got from our boss??
Sarah: No way! Why? Cause you’re wearing those jeans?
Amy: YES! Girl, it’s Friday, and these jeans look good.
Sarah: Shoot.
Amy: I am about to walk right into his office and be all like, “I wish you would say something about these jeans. I WISH YOU WOULD!”
Sarah: Shoot.
By Barbara
I Wish You The Runs
To cordially wishith upon the runs/diarrhea to someone/something

Someone cuts you off while driving on the road: "I wish you the runs"
By Ellynn