Define Logo Meaning

A graphic that is trademark of an organisation and is used to recognise that organisation.
Logo is short for logotype.

I can't believe there wasn't a definition for logo yet.
By Nancee
logo -- a word commonly used to describe people who are of Lesbian Or Gay Orientation.

Ryan: Carrie, Terri and Harry are a bunch of logos.

Kiya: That's why they watch the LOGO channel on TV.

Parker: Yeah, you'd have to be a logo to watch that channel all day.
By Letti

By Tabbie
Argueable one of the most controversial underground rappers. Some argue he has the greatest style ever, yet some argue that he has the worst lyrics ever. Look to the track named "Untitled" for most controvercial lyrics ever

A: Logo is the greatest rapper alive.
B: Fuck you biatch, his ass sucks.
By Erminia
-The clearly most queer mtv channel yet, Logo is a channel where there is gay content is on 24/ gay be proud

You Watch LOGO!, nigga u gay
By Berti
Truth. Honor. Logic. Morality. Valuing truth and morality above all else.

That fine gentleman was very honest and grounded speaking some OG wisdom with heavy Logos
By Lavena
A math program used to make it look like you are having fun while doing geometry by making u move around a turtle when in fact u are being tortured, wishing you could smash your computer into the ground or kill the turtle so it can no longer move.

Kid 1: "Hey this logo thing looks like fun"

Kid 2 :"No, both my older brothers smashed their computers into the ground and have killed all the turtles theyve ever seen since using that"
By Edin
1. From Greek, literally "the word". (See God's Word.)

Not to be confused with, or pronounced as, the plural form of logo.

2. Not quite as ancient as #1, but a really old programming language.

Logos didn't have time to learn Logos.
By Fionnula
The action of putting your logo on everything even when it isn't needed. This is something most churches or small businesses are guilty of.

This church is logoing so hard with their graphics.
By Shena
-noun, plural

A logo is a symbol of class discrimination. Low budget products are produced and sold as high priced brands and clothing. While children in Sri Lanka are sewing on the Nike swoosh, kids in America are wearing that same swoosh on their shoes ,shirts, baseball caps and backpacks. A company uses logos to spread their product throughout our society, a logo can be found anywhere, school hallways, magazines, product placement in movies and children even check their homework off with a ‘swoosh’ instead of check marks. A logo can determine how much was spent on the item, name brands and logo endorsed clothing is like walking out of the house with the items price tag still on.

' hey look, you can see how much i spent on this t-shirt because of the logo that is placed on it.'
By Danell