Define Murder Mystery Meaning

Murder Mystery
Verb - to murder mystery
To skip to the end of something to find out its conclusion.

I couldn't be bothered reading the whole of the article, so I just murder mysteried down to the end.

Oh man, I don't have time for this, I'm just going to murder mystery it. Done!
By Kirbee
Murder Mysteried
When a group of girls go to the washroom together drunk, all piss in the same toilet and there's period blood and a tampon left in the bowl.

Dude, someone just muder mysteried your toilet!

So I went into the washroom after those chicks and the bowl looked like a CSI episode. Which one of you murder mysteried my toilet?
By Zelma
Murder Mystery Theatre
Having sex while you're menstruating, or having sex with a woman who is menstruating. Specifically describes the situation of having sex in the dark, and not noticing the condition until turning on the lights or walking into a lit room after the fact. Indicates surprise of noticing the site of your passion is splattered with blood, much like a murder scene. Situation is amplified by white sheets.
Can be expanded to "Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre" to imply that oral sex took place.

Dude 1: I brought this girl home last night, and it was awesome, at first...
Dude 2: What happened?
Dude 1: When I switched on the lights, total Murder Mystery Theatre! My white sheets were ruined!
Dude 2: Wow man, that sucks!
Dude 1: Yeah, but she did offer to clean them, so I might keep seeing her...
By Ursala
Murder Mystery 4
A popular video game on the platform Roblox where players have to guess who and who is not the Murderer.

Some other core aspects of Murder Mystery 4 is trading, competing, and crafting.

Murder Mystery 4 is also know to be very similar to the other popular Roblox game Murder Blox. Murder Blox is made by the majority of the same developers from Murder Mystery 4.

The main developer of Murder Mystery 4 is known as Trell. However, their username on Roblox is PlayToolbox.

Would you want to play Murder Mystery 4 with me?
By Lucille
Murder Mystery 2 Teamers
fucking emo assholes that team up in mm2 and the one that is murderer kills everyone else but their dumbass team, or they fucking camp the gun until one of their teammates gets the gun because they're too scared to die.

Murder Mystery 2 Teamers just show off their shitty emotes and knives
By Rennie
Murder Mystery 2 Teamers
These annoying teenagers that often wear aesthetic clothing, play ridiculously loud music, and often sit with their sh**ty friends in the lobby.

Hey, imma go hop into a different server cus of these damn 15 year old Murder Mystery 2 Teamers. Wanna come with me?
By Janessa
Murder Mystery 2
A popular game on ROBLOX developed by Nikilis. The game has a large trading community where they trade high-value items. But then there is those slender teamer fuckheads that have the most bland avatars known to ROBLOX that play bypassed earrape shitty rap music to the entire lobby, not to mention they are usually ODers (online daters.) Overall, the game is fun but the community is questionable.

"Hey Mike! Wanna play some Murder Mystery 2 with the boys?"
"Nah, I got scammed yesterday out of my Elderwood Set. I'm not taking any chances."
"Fair enough."
By Roshelle