Define My Nigga Meaning

My Nigga
More than a best-friend. Someone that will do anything, anytime, anywhere for you because it's you. Your right hand man.(or women)

Person 1: Why did you help Kouvaris fight?

Person 2: Cause that's my nigga thats why!Now let's go smoke one!
By Cassey
My Nigga
If used by a girl, used in place of "my boyfriend" to avoid shame against other boys.

If used by a boy, simply "my brother"

#1: I've been out with my nigga for 60 days now and I love him!

#2: I got drunk with my nigga at a bar tonight!
By Cairistiona
My Nigga
A term of endearment between black men populated by the song: YG - My Nigga (Explicit) ft. Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan.

Due to the use of the racially sensitive word "nigga" white people are socially prohibited from using this phrase in the company of anyone that does not constitute a close friend or family member hence why there are no white people in the music video.

Young Jeezy: "Just know I'm down with the niggas down for me. I got two words for you, love and loyalty."

Whilst listening to YG song My Nigga, John scans his environment before telling Bill: "Bill, your my nigga; I've got your back."

As Bill is about to respond in a similar style with an unusually heavy ghetto accent he spots a black man heading towards him. Bill clears his throat and says: "Thanks John, I love you too bro.*

*Black man walks past and having overheard Bill he then proceeds to roll his eyes and exclaim*: "Man that shits whack!"
By Philippe
My Nigga

Drexel is my nigga aka skilled cat
By Chandal
My Nigga
A hit song that is fucking annoying as shit and it says my nigga for 3:00 minutes and the song itself is retarded

By Loreen
My Nigga
what white people call their favorite black people that they know but aren't friends with. In most cases it the black person who hasnt stolen anything out of their gym locker

White guy 1: Rudy is my nigga
White guy 2: get off his nuts
White guy 1: dude, he is fukink hilarious and he has not stolen anything out of my gym locker
White guy 2: true
White Guy 1: double true
By Lorilyn
My Nigga
A black persons way of saying homie

sup my nigga
By Mercedes
My Nigga
my dick. my pipe. my cock. my penis. what you refer to your dick as.

(When talking to a girl)...You tryna' taste "my nigga"
By Nissa
My Nigga

ayo my niggaaa

what's uhhh
By Franky
My Nigga My Nigga
My fellow African-American my fellow African-American

Tyrone: Aye my nigga my nigga wuss poppin

Keyshone: ma thot b suckin ma dick doe mane
By Shir