Define New Normal Meaning

New Normal
The current state of being after some dramatic change has transpired. What replaces the expected, usual, typical state after an event occurs. The new normal encourages one to deal with current situations rather than lamenting what could have been.

Housing costs plummeting is the new normal.

Having less discretionary income after the stock market crash is the new normal.
She expected to be saddened by his departure and accepted her feelings as the new normal.
Spending less on entertainment is the new normal during economic downturns.
Now that the baby was born, having less free time was the new normal for the new parents.
By Jerrylee
New Normal
A term used by women during and after treatment for breast cancer, meant to empower them, but having the opposite effect of encouraging them to accept less happiness and reducing their expectancy of reaching goals.

"Hi Jane, how've you been?"
"Getting used to my new normal. I used to waterski every weekend, but now I knit on my porch."
By Kippy
New Normal
Sound a lot like a new order, except with different wording.

Nobody was accepting the new order, so the same people tried to take over with a new normal.
By Stephie
The New Normal
What the US liberal left wants you to believe in , even after the covid 19 pandemic

The new normal is a complete rejection of my moral values
By Rosie
New Normal Math
When math teachers reluctantly have to come to terms with new habits that would help them to keep their jobs in the new normal or post-pandemic, be it switching to more Zoom lessons in the aftermath of new lockdowns, monitoring students’ oft-unsatisfactory progress on Google Classroom, or communicating with ever-demanding parents on WhatsApp.

How many math educators worldwide decide to retire prematurely, as they can’t cope with the new normal math demands expected of them in the light of new waves of infection plaguing their nations?
By Bunny