Define Nothing Better To Do Meaning

Nothing Better To Do
Being sick to death of something, but still enjoying it anyway.

I was watching TV for hours, because I had nothing better to do.
By Kissie
Making 4 Definitions In A Day On The Urban Dictionary Because I Had Nothing Better To Do
When you think of ridiculous, uncommon words in one day, like Napoleon Dynamite, 8001, Glasses, etc.

I had nothing better to do today than to start Making 4 definitions in a day on the urban dictionary because I had nothing better to do even though I already said that.
By Clo
I Have Nothing Else Better To Do
-sitting on your ass
-crackin so many jokes about someone that you have to stop talk about that person every other week.
-randomly making up definitions to better this web site
-bored out of your mind

Geo-"What are doing right now?"
JBZ-"Putting crazy words and phrases on this cool website."
Geo-"Why would yo do something like that?"
JBZ-"Because I have nothing else better to do."

Tony-"Why are vandalizing J-no's property?"
Geo & JBZ-"We have nothing else better to do.
By Bambi