Define Petal Meaning

Phrase of kindness, used when addressing a person.

"Can you get me a cup of tea petal?" Similarly, "Julie, petal... can you help me arrange the dinner table?"
By Agnesse
petal is extremely BEAUTIFUL. petal has an amazing sense of humor, shes very pretty,smiles all the time and will always have your back. She is very loyal and can keep even the biggest secrets. she loves to listen to everyones problems and will help them out. petal is a very loveable girl. Shes really sweet and nice. It may seem like nothing bad or sad is going on in her life because of her personality but there truly is ALOT going on. she may cry at night but when you see her, she smiles and hides away all the pain. she puts other peoples happiness in front of hers. she falls in love very easily. Any guy would be lucky to have her and any girl would be lucky to be her friend. Shes someone you'd want to be with for the rest of your life. Shes always there for you and will always be your best friend.

petal is my bestfriend.
By Mariam
1: Most beautiful girl.
2: A member of the inner whorl of a flower, usually soft and coloured conspicuously.

Person 1: "Wow that look there, I've never seen anything so beautiful, what is it?"
Person 2: "A Petal."
By Sarah
Short for flowerpetally.

Having the characteristics of a flowerpetal.

Usually meant for a girl.

These characteristics include: sweet, intelligent, sincere, warm-hearted, beautiful, and very lovable.

The word for a guy with these characteristics is woodchippy.

Erik: You know that new girl, Clara? I finally got to know her. She turned out to be quite petally. I mean, she's humble but she is incredibly smart and so lovely.

Alex: Surely she can't compare to my sweetheart. Mereda is like the sun, making my dull life sparkle. She will always be in my heart.

Edward: True, Mereda is definitely petally. But so is my biology partner, Hariette. She helps me so much, making the ever-so-difficult class seem like first grade. And yet she never accepts a compliment.
By Joni
An extremely sensitive person usually found on social media who spends their day getting offended about everything they see and reporting it to the site admin/moderation team.

He's such a delicate little petal that gets hurt so easily, every time he sees something he disagrees with he reports it as harassment to get it removed. Petals are like dictators they love censorship.
By Prissie
A very useless word to describe the obscure process of adding layers of moleskin or makeshift materials to create an ad hoc bushing for the lower rim opening of one's medical penis enlargement vacuum pump in preparation for prolonged use, or as an emergency measure to, for example, abate painful penile shaft edemas or mitigate testicular torsion and seminal vesicle ruptures, commonplace among unfortunate individuals with a thumb dick, so that one may resume vigorous penile pumping, effectively turning the penis into a semi-resilient, flaccid superchubby resembling a miniature rancid eggplant, inevitably leading to DVT - Deep Vein Throboshits and perpetual impotence.

Intercom: "Dr. Wang, please report to the north wing nurses station immediately for adolescent penile pump evacuation and flaccid priapism drainage."
Nurse: "Orderly Johnson, please prepare and sterilize the bone saw and hydraulic urethra lancer."
Patient: "Nurse, please, the pain. I need some moleskin or at least help holding my pump upright."
Nurse: "I'm sorry, son, we do not permit petaling, perpetual masturbation or hand jobs in common areas of the pediatric ward."
By Kimberlyn
The word my mummy used to talk about my VAGINA when i was younger.

ME: mummy what's that?
MUMMY: it's your um... petal! it's your petal :)
By Berrie
Zuzu's Petals
A phrase from the 1946 movie "Its a Wonderful Life". The petals belong to Zuzu Bailey, the youngest daughter of George Bailey the main character. Zuzu had brought a flower home from school. When she was upset that a few petals had fallen off, George pretended to reattach them and secretly slipped them into his pocket.

Towards the end of the movie, after being shown what the world might be like if he had never been born, George is given a second chance by God. Changes that had occurred while he didn't exist, were returned. He is initially made aware of this, in part, by the fact that Zuzu's Petals were again in his pocket.

Zuzu's petals...Zuzu... There they are!
By Rora
Petal Air
a nicer way of saying 'fanny fart' or 'queef' just to make the lady sound more elegant and less embarassed.

sorry i just realeased a bit of petal air there
By Evelyn
The art of pussy fingering a woman through her pants.

The only sex I had with Nicole was a lousy petal-push.

Your girlfriend was an easy fuck after I gave her a quick petal-push.
By Adela