Define Practice Meaning

something that is not the game. we talkin about practice....not the game, we talking about practice.

not the game, we talking bout practice man. we ain't talking about the game, we talkin about practice. what are we talkin about? Practice. we talking about practice man. we talking about practice man we talking about practice.

if you practice, not only you will be better, but your teammates will be better

how the hell am I supposed to make my teammates better by practicin?!?

-Allen Iverson
By Coriss
a female that dudes often find themselves having meaningless sex with.Not wifey material, just "practice" for when the right girl comes along, hence the name practice.

Domo: Ay, Candece Ur girl now?

Jamie: Hell naw mayne. that bitch just practice.
By Gnni

The girl was practically of a normal height, but she was still pretty short.
By Lyndsey

The practical use of a gun is self-defense.
By Xylia
A word overused by pseudointellectual Romanian kids when they try to sound smarter

Guy1: Asta e un telefon
Guy2: Da, practic este un dispozitiv de pe care faci apeluri telefonice cu o cartela
Guy1: Frate, e un telefon, stiam asta deja
By Grier
The act of turning admired potential into envied ability. Contrary to popular belief, practice does not make "perfect", it conversely makes "permenant".

I'd better practice my skating if I want to make enemies on the ice.
By Nanni
(verb): Drinking at your house prior to going to your friends to pregame. This in turn will be followed by more drinking while out and about.

Allan: Dude you coming by my house first before we go out? We got to pregame.
V: I'm already practicing at my house.
Allan: Game time bitches! Practice makes perfect.
By Giselle
What you should be doing 24/7/366 if you are a musician. So what are you doing looking up “practice” on Urban Dictionary??? Go practice!!!!

wHy yoU nO pRACtiCe, hUh?????? LinG LiNg pRacTIceS 40 hOuRs a DaY!!!!!
By Hedwig
Practical is something that Mr.Helson doesn't understand.

"Are we Doing practical". doubt it, we've got Helson.
By Jen
ඇත්තටම / virtually

I am practically living with Frank.
You've Got Mail
By Elsa