Define Really Cool Meaning

Really Cool
Something that is most definitely not "really cool".

"I'm doing something really cool."
"Oh yeah, whats that?"
"I'm adding the word 'headphone-malfunction' to urban dictionary."
"That's really cool."
By Emmalynne
That's Really Cool

Me: England is my city!
My english teacher: That's really cool!
By Clotilda
Really Cool
Something or someone that is so cool the meaning is useless when applied to said person/thing. In times like these, one must use the correct Really Cool to verbalize the utter coolness of said holy object...person/thing.

Beatrice: Man, that Johnny sure is a jive cat.
Harriet: One might say he is... REALLY COOL.
By Lucilia
Really Cool
Something you call someone when you really like them and have a huge crush on them but don’t want to say it

Guy 1: Hey bro I have a crush on the girl
Guy 2:Just go say she’s really cool
By Fionnula
Wow That Was Really Cool
wow that was really cool is a phrase to be used when something is really cool first popularized by Dani

By Rosalyn
Really Cool Guy
a guy who is really cool (aka you)

hey I think you are really cool guy I like you a lot maybe we should hang out sometime
By Dian
Wow That Was Really Cool
Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool.... The endless loop made by Dani... Remember to Drink Milk

Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool. Wow that was really cool...
By Jeanie
Really Cool Guy
An otherwise dull and uninteresting person who freely share cocaine with people free of any sexual expectation or subtext.

He's described as a "Really Cool Guy" at the party but beyond the fact that he carries cocaine around just to get attention he is really not very interesting at all.
By Marjy
Really Cool Uncle
Mark Rober An Uncle With A Degree In Mechanical Engineer That Worked At NASA And Now Makes Genius Videos On YouTube.

Thomas: Hey That’s A Really Cool Uncle
Coby: Yeah He’s Mark Rober
Thomas: Cooool
By Gnni
Really Cool Person
Danny Mendez, who is a boxer from california. He has a website:\the1stbox

By Evaleen