Define That Chick Meaning

When a woman outperforms a man in a physical activity, such as biking, hiking, or skiing, where normally a man should outperform the woman.

"Wow, she sure finished the trail way before me"

"Dude, you got chicked!"
By Casie
To Be Chicked
to be chicked. -- death from asphyxiation by female genitalia

Brad's night was going great until he realized he was about "to be chicked".
By Celesta
n. A girl.

Chick is not necessarily derogatory, however many women find it offensive because of its flippant nature.

Did you see that chick? She waved at me.
By Marcelle

It's a chick. 'Nuff said.
By Andria
n. girl, woman
Actually a non-derogatory slang term for the word girl. This word was probably a spanglish derivative from the spanish word "chica" meaning, of all things, girl.

Hey man, these computer show chicks are hot!
By Amie
1. Females, usually around the speaker's same age; female peer.
2. The opposite sex as a whole.

1. Those chicks want me.
2. Chicks are confusing, I don't get them!
By Gilli
Just another slang for girl or woman.

By Hailee
A loose term used to describe a girl, usually a cute girl. Rarely ever used to describe a baby chicken. A baby chicken is just... a baby chicken. So, Chick=(cute)girl.

Brad:Angelina's is such a nice chick
Matt: You already have a cute chick.

Chad:Cute chicks, man!
George:Are you talking about the baby chickens or that girl over there?
Chad:The chickens
By Adela
A word used to describe anal discomfort.

Guy 1: Dude, how are you?
Guy 2: Chicke
Guy 1: Oh...
By Delia
That Chick
"That Chick" is essentially what a girl is referred to, when she is acting like "That Guy." Actions that merit being referred to as “That Chick” include, but are not limited to:

-Making a "cheap shot" joke directed at a friend

-Being a Female Guido

-Being the drunken chick at a party

-Being a female and acting in a general unnecessary manner that could be referred to as douchebaggary

*It’s important to note that if a female commits an action of asshole caliber, she is past the level of “That Chick.”

*Girls that break the asshole barrier are to simply be referred to as a cunt.

Ashley: *Kicks Grant in the nuts*

Grant: OMFG!

Trevor: Wow..., don't be that chick...
By Susanna