Define U2 Meaning

AKA Dragonlady.

High Altitude Spy Plane used by the CIA in the 1960s. Still currently in use. Can read the fine print on the back of credit card statements from 100k feet in the air....

Old Sammy Bin Ladle's rockin' in his boots cuz a fukkin' u2 is takin' picts of his ass.
By Sheila
A fantastic band that has created hot, artistic rock for decades - The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby prove this. HTDAAB is not the only album they've ever made. Bono is a megalomaniac, and a damn good one -one of the last great rock stars. Brian Eno doesn't work with just any old dip$hit.

Anyone who considers hair metal to be great music and/or listens to Motley Crue is not qualified to speak of u2.


Bob Dylan told u2 their songs would be remembered forever. Hell, even Johnny Cash covered "One".


The "uno, dos, tres, catorce" actually stands for the number of studio albums produced by u2. Very intelligent people create these albums, not jr. high Spanish students.
By Simonne

"Hey, Joe, what's the greatest band of all time?"

"That's a silly question, dumbass; it's U2 of course!"
By Bibby
U2 is just a DECENT band.

they aren't "the bestest band ever like omg!!1!!! and bono is like SO0oo00o hot, thinking of him and his charitable work makes me wet my pants."


they're OK. their music just simply isn't THAT amazing. try listening to some led zeppelin.

and no, i won't call them stupid for the uno...dos...tres...catorce, thing. but i don't get why they just didn't count in english anyway?

and bono, you as one man with big glasses can't save the entire world.

my friend: "yeah, my mom wanted to get rolling stones tickets but i turned her down and now we're going to U2."
me: " fucking idiot."
By Coretta
Stupid band with a dumb ass singer named bono (you don't want to know where it came from) and his guitarist is ugly while wearing a beanie and is still called by his childhood nickname; EDGE. U2 are so full of themselves and think their musc is the greatest thing ever

I am Bono, of u2, I just want to take this moment to thank you for coming, and to say that our music has a godlike feel, a sort of ethereal way that no other music has
By Phedra
A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAND. It ranks below linsey lowhan and britney spears's "lesbian kiss" with Madonna. An appropriate summary of this bands talent, or lack there of, can be located at

I listed to U2 last night and i cried myself to sleep after ripping out my hair from repetative lyrics
By Eunice
Eh? Best Band Ever? Do yourselves a favour guys, pull your heads from out your'e own arses .They are pretty good thats all! The Best band EVER was the Beatles FULL STOP!!

u2 Are not all that! in fact much of their recent stuff is shit!
By Aubry

By Ariel
A grating noise played over the radio when the DJ has decided that s/he is angry with the fans constantly calling in and requesting AC/DC.

U2 has been a known cause of traffic accidents world wide, but in spite of this fact, DJ's still manage to get a hold of CDs filled with U2.

The sound cannot be accurately described but as been likened by UNC Professor, Harold Fiske to "..that itchy feeling you get after getting stung by a bee, were that to be a sound". As a side note: 12% of the population is allergic to bee stings and 30% of that group are deathly allergic.

Tom: "What happened to your car, Sally?"

Sally: "Oh,I was listening to the radio and driving, and after playing 'Back in Black' and 'Hell's Bells', the DJ played some u2 so I hit a tree while having a seizure"

Tom: "Damn. I hate when that happens."
By Beilul
A wonderful band overall, with an extremely cocky lead-singer, who`s voice gets horribly boring after a while. And the shameful part is the cocky leader singer, is the only millionaire alive willing to do things for those who need it these days.

Mann I love u2

The band is great.

Yeah but Bono`s voice gets awfully dull after a while, and 2 videos for the same song? how lame.
By Nancie