Define Using Meaning

To do any form of narcotic, as in marijuana, crack, PCP, LSD, etc. The heat use this term when questioning a suspected drug user.

Cop: Hey kid are you using?
Kid: No officer, never.
By Lexy
A(n) emote or meme term/version of the actual word "aNus" or for short "Anus".

Heheh. L O L.
By Kata
No Us
The grandest, most beautiful way to rebut an insult, in a communist way.

Joseph: ur mom gay
Stalin: no us
*soviet union anthem plays*
*everyone salutes and starts crying*
By Oralee
"used To"
accustomed to, familiar with, hardened to, in the habit of, at home with, at ease with, comfortable with

I'm "used to" living in the city since I moved to it a year ago from the country.
By Thalia

By Arabelle
Use Us
Utterance by the soul cube in Doom 3 once you've killed enough enemies. The soul cube is called "use us" in order for the speaker to not sound like a D&D fanatic.

When deploying the "use us" you must say "GO USE US" or else your 1st, 3rd, and 5th children will be stillborn. And you'll have to eat them. Not cooked.

-5th enemy killed...-
(Much like Gollum would say..)
By Liliane
The Used
The Used is an awesome band that hails from Oram, Utah. Their mellodic songs are enhanced by Bert McCraken's (lead singer) ability to scream to perfection.

I f!@#$ing love The Used
By Korrie
The Used
The Used is an amzing band, who have amazing lyrics. They have 7 albums: Demos From The Basment, The Used, Maybe Memories, In Love and Death, Berth, Lies for the Liars, and Shallow Believer. But only 4 of them are studio records(The Used, In Love and Death, and Lies For the Liars.)
The band consists of Bert Mccracken on vocals; Quinn Allman on guitar; Jepha Howard on bass; and Dan Whitesides on the drums, although Branden Steineckert was the original drummer but was kicked out in the summer of 2006.

The Used are from Orem, Utah. They have toured with Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Goldfinger, Linkin Park on their Projekt Revolution tour, Warped Tour, and recently headlined Get A Life Tour.

It is very hard to classify The Used into a genre but overall they are a rock band.

Their older albums are a bit harder, with more screaming, but their new cd Lies For the Liars has a more jazzy sound to it, along with some more slow songs, the song Wake the Dead, pretty much sums up what their whole entire new album sounds like.

Bert Mccracken has a great voice, he can hit and hold the high notes and he can scream till he throws up(which he does often on stage). Along with Quinn's complex guitar riffs, Jepha's bass rhythms and Branden's beats, makes The Used one of the best bands out there today.

Poetic Tragedy - The Used

The cup is not half empty as pessimists say
As far as he's sees, nothing's left in the cup
A whole cup full of nothing for him to indulge
Since the voice of ambition has long since been shut up

A singer, a writer, he's not dreaming now of going nowhere
He gave heed to nothing, and all that he was....
Is just a tragedy

So he voyages in circles
Succeeds getting nowhere
And submits to the substance
That first got him there

Then in violent, frustration, he cries out to God or just no one
Is there a point to this madness and all that he was....
Is just a tragedy

He feels alone
His heart in his hand
He's alone
He feels alone
I feel....

Then on that last day he breaks
And he stood tall
And he yelled... and he takes his life
By Margaux

You + Me = Us.

When you and I are together, we form an us.
By Elyssa
A bitch that gets fucked so much that her pussy can be heard flopping back and forth as she walks.

Yo homey, you shouldn't try to hit that. That bitch is used.
By Joela