Define Yeah Mate Meaning

Yeah Mate
A ‘yeah mate moment’ occurs when your brain thinks too fast for your mouth, or your mouth speaks too fast for your brain, and you end up saying some shit that makes no sense. People who have these moments are referred to as ‘yeah mates’. The term ‘yeah mate’ can also be used when someone physically does a dumb thing. Yeah mate moments come in different category’s (common, rare etc.) depending on how special they sound and how funny they are to laugh at.

Example 1-
John: *Punches Mike*
Nathan: “John’s getting on his fight”
John: “Nathan’s a yeah mate

Example 2-
Nathan: *Comes running out of the bathroom* “Guys, a toilet is just filled with shit and no paper, which means someone didn’t wipe”
John: “Why would anyone not wipe their pant”
Nathan “John just had a yeah mate moment”

Example 3-
Mike: *Chucks an apple into the window of the classroom where detention is being held at school*
Nathan: “YEAH MATE!”
By Wynnie
Yeah Mate
A phrase that is used for every thing and anything.

Yeah Mate
By Lanny
Yeah Mate
A slang phrase often used by Chavs to reply yes to a question or sometimes just for fun.

Chav 1- " I like your new air max"
Chav 2- " Yeah Mate"
By Nannette
Yeah Mate Yeah
aussie slang for affirmative. and also the name of an awesome website.

Q. Are u hitting the piss tonite mate?
A. Yeah mate yeah

Q. So the car a runs alright?
A. Ohhh yeah mate yeah, its a fuckin ripper
By Adan
Yeah Mate
An alternative word for cocaine which can be used in public without any real description but those who know just know.

‘Alright Chris, got any of that in you?’
‘Yeah Mate’

You getting on the Yeah Mate tonight?

Wink at you pal and say’Yeah Mate’
By Jocelyn
Dj Yeah Mate
a term used to describle sick djs from the brisbane area renown for chronic drops, a no dub step policy, dangerous d-floors, a strange but undoubtably well founded obsession for magic fountain by art v science and attracting a 70-30 ratio to every performance.

dj yeah mate played some chronic shit last night
By Rosita
Yeah Mate Yeah
A way to silence someone by agreeing to what they just said. Usually said with a strong scouse accent for emphasis. The longer the phrase can be extended with additional words, the better.

Steve: hey have you thought about becoming a vegan?
Ted: yeah mate yeah, okay mate very good that yeah
By Cherie