Define A Bag Meaning

A Bag
A term used to describe someone who steals from another. Not unlike a d-bag.

That guys posted my Etsy stuff on his website for sale, what an a bag.
By Novelia
Bag Of Bags
Bag of bags. /n noun
A bag containing other bags filled with units of narcotics for sale individually.
A dealer may keep all of their individual bags pre-weighed ready for sale in their larger "bag of bags"

Junkie: got a 10 bro?
Dealer: I aint your bro, jerk. Hey Matt, pass me my bag of bags, this guy wants summat
Matt: Get it yourself you lazy prick
Dealer: Here ya go buddy, take your pick from my bag of bags
By Masha
Bag To Bag
to go bag to bag two men strip down naked, lift up there penis's touch there ball sac's together as a sign of brother hood. Once this process is completed the two men have become bag brothers, similar to blood brothers just a lot gayer.

'you know man we've been hanging out for a while and I consider you to be a good friend. I was just wondering if you would do me the honor of going bag to bag with me'

potential book reference: "bag to bag and back again" a tale of a young mans journey through the breakage of the bond between himself and his 'bag brother'. The semi erotic novel depicts Andrew, the main character, and Jared, his bag brother reuniting there friendship and going 'bag to bag' once again despite a shaky past.
By Rosamond
Bag In A Bag
Heroin packaged in a glassine bag then sealed in a plastic sleeve to prevent tampering and protect against moisture. Also a popular spot on 7th and C (Loisada) in NYC where quality heroin products were sold.

It started to pour rain, and I was getting soaked thank god the bundle in my pocket was from bag in a bag.
By Valida
The Bag
A large sum of money obtained at once or accumulatively from a single activity. Often associated with drugs or some sort of hustle.

Bro you know i need to move this shit. I need to get the bag.
By Quinta
Bag It
To decline or discontinue participating in an activity.

Nah Bro, I’m too tired... I think I’m just going to bag it.
By Lucinda
A Bag
1.Loads of cash

2.A significant amount of currency

3. More than 20k but less than 100k

4. Definitely a niggas re-up

5. To produce a very high volume of profit in a short period of time

1. You get the bag and fumble it

I get the bag and flip it and tumble it

2. lil mama a thotand she got ass and she gon fuck up a bag

3. I get that bag on the regular (bag)
I got a bag on my cellular (brr)
Backin' up, baggin' up vegetables (bag)
Baggin' up cookies, it's medical (cookies)
Cocaine, codeine, et cetera (white)
Cocaine and lean, it's federal (white)
By Adelice
On Bags
Vehicle riding on air bag or cylinder suspension.
Similar to hydralic suspension but with less movement.

Bob "check out that Merc on bags, sick!"
John "hey yeah!"
Bob "Sack it out chump!"
By Carissa
A large goal, typically one of three categories:

1. Money/material wealth.
2. Larger goals in your life.
3. A literal bag, which you can store things in (like money or marijuana).

"Focus on your bag, not others."
"Pledge allegiance to the bag."
By Lynsey
On The Bag
Getting high on bashed up cocaine in a shitty town pub because there’s nothing better to do with your waster friends.

“You on the bag tonight Steff?”

“No, Llifon Three Bags will be out later, I’ll scav some off him”
By Charlean