Define Others Meaning

The others is people that is not you or a part of your group, when you are talking about it. Generally the others are the one to blame for everything from your bear getting hot to end of the world. Most people that belongs in the others group are jerks, and are not supposed to be spoken to.

I did not do it, it was the others.
By Mercedes
This That And The Other
"This that and the other" is mainly used in a conversation when one tries to avoid giving details.

They was out doing this that and the other.
By Bennie
A word that describes anything apart from the subject being discussed at the time.

"Would you like this Barbie for your birthday?"
"No, I'd like the other one."
By Dorolisa
1) to make into the "other" to seperate from the 'our'; to make a distinction (negative connotation)

we otherized pinkos mother last night
By Cicely
No Other
doing some a lot; being really good at something

I'm procrastinating like no other; he can play ball like no other
By Kata
1)to be left out from a group
2) Another form of bullying/harassment

All the children were in a group and the othered child sat sadly alone.
By Zaneta
The Others
n. The mysterious group of people on the ABC show "Lost". Their leader is a mysterious bearded man who captured Michael's son "Walt". Many theories on the internet suggest the others are people trying to use Walt's mysterious power of collective conscinesce. The others are feared to be large in numbers, weapons, and overall supieror to the victims of oceanic flight 815.

the others are coming...
By Bessie
The implementation of an ‘us and them’ dichotomy that allows one group of humans to dehumanize another.

Every single member of this classist and ethnocentric Trump administration has mastered their own otherization narrative which when taken together clearly parallels Hitler’s Final Solution.
By Eloisa
Any of the world's races that is not White (non-Hispanic), Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander.

Randy: Are you white?

Lee: Nah. I'm other.
By Leia
Other information, other topics, anything other then what you are talking about

I don't want to open up another relm of otherness.
By Emmye