Define Action Meaning


hey, you get any action last night?
By Ginni
1. to have sex
2. often denotes good sex

By Ginevra
"Action" as used in gambling typically refers to a bet or wager or just the general act of betting. More specifically, "action" can be used to mean either a live bet/bets or, in poker, a bet along with any calls for that bet.

Action may also refer to the total amount of money wagered by a player in a full gambling session. And in sports betting, a bet may be deemed "action" if it is valid. In baseball, "action" is a special type of bet wherein the bet still counts even if there is a change in starting pitcher, which is accompanied by a change in odds.

"Now, if any of you would like to take a long shot on the dog collar, we'll take that action."

"We've got lots of action on the table tonight."

"Where's the action?" (Who's turn is it to bet?)
By Linell
Often used in billiards (or gambling in general), it refers to a game for money, or a location that is known for money games.

Where can we find some action?
By Steffane
male and female genitals or any private, erogenous zone of the body.

Dude, when that chic bent over, I saw some of her action.
By Shayne
suffix added to phrases to emphasize them, also to look like a geek

I need me some CS action. Lets get some time domain reflectometer action.
By Helen
A girl who is basically a ho or an animal.

That girl is action. She banged every dude out here.
By Florella
A placeholder word, used to facilitate conversation, usually only understood contextually by the participants of the conversation, and not by outsiders.

Hey man, can you hand me that action over there?

What's with this action?
By Annnora
Any gesture that serves a purpose - including very subtle gestures such as having a thought, placing your attention on someone, flowing power to somebody, keeping your center, making a conscious or unconscious wish, having an emotional reaction, declaring, asking, choosing, and so on. In general, the more subtle the action, the more energy it contains. (From Possibility Management)

Her flirting action is so-o-o sly!
By Chryste
The biggest drug dealer in Montgomery County. Wanted by the County for selling a quarter ounce to undercover cops.

"Dude lets go get some nug from action!!!"
By Maryjane