Define Amazing Meaning

Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.

Everything Alex is and does is amazing to me.
By Vanessa
A word that used to mean something astonishing and wonderful. Now a overused generic term for just about anything. An adjective which really holds no meaning anymore.

Did you see that? It was amazing.
By Rebeca
1. something that takes your breath away and leaves you speachless

2. a word for someone that makes your heart melt like no body else ever will

jamie is amazing and i love her
By Sascha

you are amazing
By Christel
a person who is amazing is someone who makes you feel like the most special and luckiest person n the world at the same time, someone who makes you smile and laugh without any effort whether they are sitting right next to you or miles away.

Mike Lyons is amazing - love you forever xxx
By Gale
A word used to describe someone who is otherwise indescribable.

By Debora
the best someone can get.

derak H. is amazing
By Tansy
1. word used by idiots in a relationship who don't know their bf/gf enough to actually describe them.

2. most used word, ever. besides pwned.

Jen: I love Bob soooo much
By Wandie
A word that should be banned from all headlines.

The most AMAZING photo you will EVER see (PIC)
Title says it all!
By Lana
1. A word Americans use all the time after they stop using "awesome"
2. An indescribably great thing.

1. Dude that thing was amazing
2. Wow, you are amazing.
By Phoebe