Define Depressed Meaning

Pointlessness, a constand feeling of being horrified beyond beleif, an intense feeling of the absolute end. Waking up and not being able to get out of bed, every second of everyday is a battle to survive your horrifying feelings. You can't think straight, it's not about personal strength or being weak, it is an illness that swallows your life. You are trapped in the coldest, most pointless hell. You feel the immence indifference of the world. Your world stands still and every object you see, every person you see, sends you a feeling that you are worthless and no body cares. Mental terror- seems like it will never ever ever go away. You want to do something about it but you are tied up. It is anger without the enthusiasm. Sadness without the comfort of tears. You just stare, and feel the most hollow, scarey feeling, your spirit dies, your passion dies, the joy you once had seems like somebody elses. You want to duck tape yourself to your bed, never eat, and smoke a pack of cigarettes. Nothing, even comforting words from your mother and supportive friends come across as overwhelmingly meaningless. Every sound is annoying, melodies of songs scare you. Smells make you weak. You force down your food, you force out your words, going to the bathroom is a chore. You want to rott and you hate every second of it. You realize how it feels to be the homeless, to have no heart, to have to much of a heart. You self sabotage yourself with every thought and word, you don't grow until afterwards, while you are in it you drop to the bottom and can't figure anything out and if you try you fall faster. Going outside out of your apartment would take extreme courage. You look at the ground as you walk, you don't look up cause your spirit will crumble, you want to be normal, you want to be a good person, but you can't cause you are SICK, just as sick as someone with cancer or aids but it is in your head, you can't look at anyone in the eye, you stare at there neck and hope the moment is over soon. All you can do is bare down, and eat the shit sandwich that is your life. Day after day, night after night repeat, right when you think you may be feeling a little better, you are hit even harder with eternal pointlessness and horror. POINTLESS!, ugly, the word'sad' doesn't come close. The word 'depressed' sounds like a holiday. For someone who hasn't felt it before a tiny taste of it would be unbeleivable, the worst feelings all rolled into one big indifferent horror movie, with a really weak plot, with bad production, pitiful acting, the movie lasts for months and months, and you can't walk out. watch and wait longer than you thought possible, then watch and wait more with a subtle yet intense mental anguish. Hang on................

How are you doing?
Not very good, i am depressed, and i no longer feel i am living.
By Valene
when you can't seem to understand what is bothering you, you dont care about the things you used to and you feel so hollow inside, that all that comes to mind is...death.

"I used to be so vibrant, and lived in colours, now i'm walking around in shades of gray, and i dont understand why"
By Tori
The feeling that you'll never be happy again.
The time when you don't want to go anywhere.
The time when you don't want to do anything.
Or see anyone.

My good friend.

"I don't want to live this life anymore if all I'm going to live to be is depressed"
By Kimberlyn
true: being hollow and alone, believing that you are alone

false: being sad after being dumped, told off, or gaining weight.

true: "I dont understand it, I never have fun with my friends anymore."

false: "OMG! I AM SO DEPRESSED! Jake said I was a bitch and dumped me last night"
By Haily
Falling down an endless well, and never seeing the bottom

the light getting thinner and thinner...
By Flo
Feeling upset that goes on and on, and won't go away.

When your depressed you feel drained,anger, worthless,every thing is a effort. And like your life is not worth living, can't stop crying and you don't always have to have a reason, your just on edge.
You have so much sadness and pain that what ever you do you can't get rid of. Some peoples depression is obviously not as bad, and doesn't last as long. But major depression goes on for months and some times years.
You sleep more, or you can less. But lots of depressed people sleep in the day too.
Very negative all the time.
Can't see a way out and that your be better of dead.
Feel in despair.
When you feel bad, you often self harm, you just want to hurt you self. You have so much pain inside, yet you don't no why. Depression is a living hell.
All you know is how you feel, day in and out.
Not enough people understand depression.
And not enough right help is given to those people who desperately need it, and end up killing them self.
If you have bad depression that you can get rid of it.
Life is going to be meaningless, and your going to just think about death even if you don't do any thing.
I know, lots about depression NOT by reading stuff i know shit all about.
Basically i live the shit so i know depression.
By Maribeth
A stated in which you feel that everything is never right. It is because you're depressed that you continue to be depressed. Often by use by people who think they are depressed when really they just got left by some one who they thought they "loved". When depressed you often lie about your depression saying that everything is okay and nothing is wrong, in which you lie to yourself. Depression is often caused by friends and family. Feeling "alone", but often just surrounded by people who are your "friends", but never understand you. Surrounded by family that tries to help when they see that your depressed, but just end up making it worse. Suicide is sometimes caused by depression. Depression can be helped by writing poems, expressing yourself, or finding a hobby. Never let your depression be with you and only you. Let someone know.

"What's wrong Eleni?"

"Alone I should say?...
No, not alone, just lonely.
As I am free,
also am I enslaved
With no one around me.
Alone I should say?
Yes, I am, just alone"
By Matilde
the absolute worst feeling in the world. you can become depressed because of a certain situation, or no situation at all. it is a mental ilness. its not being able to think straight. nothing seems to matter to you, even things that once did. you feel completely alone, in a room full of people, and you often think about the end. depression can lead to that end. depression is probably the scariest feeling in the world, it causes you to think about everything and analyze things way too deep. you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, 'why am i here?', or 'i wish i was dead'. you lost interest in everything, and you feel like you would rather talk to the wall than to the people around you, because absolutely no one understands you at all, and they just pretend to care about you. your body shakes from the small consumption of food you had that day, and all your mind's set on is the next cigarette you're going to smoke.

betty became extremely depressed when her father passed away.
By Penelope
depression: a thought the wraps itslef around you and wont let go. suffocating you, till you feel as if you no longer live. breathing becomes something you wish you could stop. noting feels right, good, or makes you happy. you feel alone, alone no matter how many people you surrond yourself with. you want to die, curl up in a ball and dissapear into the floor, the only thought on your mind is death and your funeral. you dream of the day your one wish could come true. you feel darkness all the time, ther is no differnce between day and night anymore. you cant feel anymore, your numb, you ache for soem sort of human feeling, but theres nothing, cutting is the only thing that almost keeps you sane. and eveyone wants to take it away. dont they understand? its the one thing thatr i look forward to, the one thig that keeps me alive, without it i will kill myslef. no. i will kill myslef either way. and when i dont succeed they lock me up saying that i can be let loose in society! my depression is to big and strong now, theres nothing you can do anymore to make it stop. the only way is death, and thats the only way i know that for sure this pain will truly end.

Im so depressed, i just want to sink into the floor.
By Helge
a word which is overused by people who are upset and have no idea how people who suffer from depression feel

guy 1 - I'm depressed

guy 2 - my Aunty suffers from depression and you have no idea!
By Estell