Define Everyday Meaning

The ideal frequency for those who indulge in marijuana to do so. Not to be confused with the chronological "every day", which can be generalized to any situation.

Fuck yeah! 420 Smoke weed everyday!

I wake up every day, then smoke weed everyday!
By Ingrid
Not Everyday
A phrase used to emphasise that one should not overdo a certain action. It's extensively used in the inner cities of the United Kingdom.

Paul: "Fam, life's long for man at the moment. I rah can't be arsed anymore!"

Ryan: "Fuck sake Paul. It's not everyday be depressed you know; sometimes be happy and stop moaning man. No one wants to hear your sob stories!"
By Carmon
Everyday is dedicated to all the tall people out there who have short friends. They are allowed to slap and do anything they want because being short is much better and easier. Tall people deserve more!!!

Short friend: “ugh I hate how I’m so short”
Tall friend *rolls eyes*

Short friend: “I wish I was tall everyday”
Tall friend *slap slap slap* “no you don’t.”
Short friend: I guess...

Tall friend: *leaves room”
By Allissa
When someone agrees with someone fully

Quenijah: I love what you have on Ayanna!
Ayanna: Everyday!
By Kendre
everyday noun, adj. pronoun means disappointment or frustration of a situation or person

Sheila, I was having my braids done with Ashley (for the last twenty years I have been her client at the salon) and after sitting there for over 9 hours my hair looks worse than when I came in! EVERYDAY! or/ My husband expects me to cook his dinner at midnight after seeing his friends viewing football! EVERYDAY! I am so disgusted and feel used and tired because he never does anything for me!
By Belita
Everyday Feminism
A comedy 'feminism' site that panders to snowflake millennials who enjoy defining themselves with several labels at once to illustrate their special uniqueness. Example; Fucktard is a cisqueer demiboi multipersonality pansexual differently abled lunatic who identifies as fat. Fucktard's preferred pronouns are Bum/Bumface. Bum has a degree from the University of East Grinstead in Queer 20th Century Chanting and is funded by Bumface's weary parents while Bum writes navel gazing tripe for sites such as Everyday Feminism about Why Buying Tampons Kills TransFolx and Six Ways Why Brain Tumours Are Exclusionary To Those Who Don't Have Brains.

Frequented by transgender people and gullible, wide eyed millennials, the heavy handed admins will censor commentary by those who show potential for critical thought and a basic understanding of biology.

My friend Twinkletoes is interning at Everyday Feminism! They have written an awesome piece on How Your Diet Is Erasing And Fat Shaming Obese Folk. It's so on point!
By Sib
The Everyday Losers
band from Washington Indiana I guess rock they sound a lot like smile empty soul mixed with puddle of mudd they have toured with saliva smile empty soul and more

have you heard the band the everyday losers?
By Alisa
Everyday Shorty
An average woman than you would see on a usual basis. Not a 10/10, not a 0/10, but an everyday shorty

Yo all I see here are everyday shortys bro
By Karylin
Everyday Olympian
n: Someone who makes everyday tasks an olympic event. They are extremely competitive and will do anything for victory. They tend to exaggerate their motions to portray their complete dedication to staple activities.

Matt - "Hey did you ever notice how Greg will sprint up the stairs or see how many papers he can staple a minute."
Jimmy - "Yeah I have, he's just an everyday olympian."
By Elisa
Everyday-bro'd is a new bait and switch misleading link with a subject that promises to be exciting or interesting it will redirect the user to "Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro".

I've been everyday-bro'd twice this day.
By Kimbra