Define Example Meaning

What the below sentence is.

This is an example of the word ‘example’ (teh definition of which is given above).
By Enrichetta
That kid in class who never will amount/has amounted to anything.

Sometimes used to make a play on "served as an example," "make an example of," and other idiomatic phrases that use the word "example".

guy 1: hey, is your bro's fulltime job still sitting on the coach?

guy2: yea, he's an example alright.

Lunch lady: (To student) Here you go, son. (Loud whispered to other lunch lady) Example, served.

Student: What was that?
By Adina
No Example
What people used to use when they couldn’t think of an example, until Urban Dictionary forced you to include the word in it

By Xylina
What are required to go along with every urbandictionary definition.

It's somewhat ridiculous that you have to use the word in the example, since you can amply do so without using the word.

No examples required. (But there's one anyway)
By Paulita
The Example
Someone God has taught the real purposes of life to.This person is also capable of teaching them to others.

Follow The Example, He or She knows the way out

The Example sounds like a person who is living everyday with faith.

A sinner who faithfully repents is The Example
By Vi
A Fulham rapper, rusher makes his beats.. famous songs such as "you cant rap" and "i don't want to".

By Rosy

this is an example of example
By Nara
It means "it has been more than enough". Ample means more than enough and ex is has been.

Don't listen to examples, you can make better use of your time
By Carma
For Example
Taken as an example of

Don't say anything obnoxious in a haste, for example, you're a complete idiot.
By Stefania
Someone who is really good at providing examples for things; be it to help explain something, or provide context for something. This could be someone who gives great analogies or can come up with fake situations to illustrate the point.

"Hey, I'm trying to come up with an example for my definition on Urban Dictionary, can you help me out?"
"Yeah ok! I'm a pretty good exampler"
By Matilde