Define Grim Meaning

something that is rank/disgusting/horrid/yuk/mank/rank

eurgh, that soup you made is grim!
By Mandie
A complement, sometimes used to describe Black Metal music and attitude. Similar to kvlt and tr00.

Transilvanian Hunger is grim!
By Libbi
dark evil scary frightening gloomy depressing

the mood of the courtroom was extremely grim
By Jemmy
grim is someone, who is a sket.
It's usually a girl who loves boys and is always around them, she sucks dick and has sex and does lots of stuff with lots of different boys.
Just another way of saying a prostitue but even worse.

" That girl is such a grim man look at her, with all those boys, that fucking sket!"
By Elizabeth
A term that is typically used to define something that radiates hopelessness, or produces an aura of unfortunate circumstances to come.

"The future looked grim for the couple, as they drifted along in the lifeboat, with no food nor water to speak of."

"The desolate crater that was at some time too far back to remember, a thriving populace, only produced a feeling of dread, as he looked upon it's grim countenance".
By Kristen
to look at someone with a dirty look; common term in 1990s Detroit, Michigan.

"I was walking down the street, and some girl was grimming me like she had some kind of attitude or something."
By Giovanna
refers to an ugly chick, or any other unpleasant or tedious task. used colloquially, one could say "let's get grim," or "let's grim up." used in this sense, the whole phrase could be used in a situation where you have to fuck an ugly chick, otherwise known as "man up and do it, pussy." It could also be applied to doing any unpleasant or tedious task or simply getting serious about a task.

"i need to grim up and do this chick."
"let's grim up and finish this project."
"hahahaha, good joke. but let's get grim and do this."
By Ciel
synonymous with revolting, disgusting, ugly, gross..

Man did you see that girl, she was grim.

Someone hasn't flushed the toilet for weeks, it is grim in there.
By Brandi
one of the most feared outlawed gangs in kenya

that mans son was killed by the grims
By Rosemaria
Word with a few meanings...

1. Something nasty, or unpleasant
2. Dark, shady, or colour drained
3. New method of saying something is cool similar to the usage of sick

1. "Dude that food tastes grim"
2. "The weather's looking pretty grim today"
3. "You're so grim!"
By Carmencita