Define Hangin Meaning


I'm hangin. I had six pints and eight shots, ate a kebab and puked my ring
By Katinka
could be a male or female who is not to a persons liking. This is usually because the person is basically ugly (fat,spotty..)
This saying is usually used by chavs as it is slang

Chav - Look at her, she's hangin'
By Andromache
A seriously ugly lookin female, usually overweight with large sagging tits & bad dress sense.
IE. the fat is 'hangin' off her

'look at the state of her'
'fuck me, that's hangin!!!!'
By Cacilia
like saying got'em or owened to someone.

yo cam got dumped by christina and got a d on his test. hangin.
By Honey
Hangin It
When guyz hang out naked such as skinny dipping or at a nudie party. One cannot hang it and have a woody at the same time.

Drunk and stoned, we're now just hangin it by the pool like a bunch of nudies.
By Tracy
Stickin' round a certain place,

By Martynne
Hangin It
What nudies do. Hangin out with their buds buck ass naked.

Jenny was having a good time til the boys got ass naked. After she left we were just hangin it and playing x-box.
By Kiley
Hangin It
when a naked man spreads his legs, brandishing a sizable male organ, suspended limb-like

Doug and Justin went swimming. Doug got out of the pool and took off his bathing suit, hangin it unabashedly.
By Myriam
when a female has hugh breast or big ass that they are hanging them down

Pam Anderson is hangin'.
By Annmaria
A cock, originated for Hanging Rock which rhymes with Cock

Oi, this guy loves the whoppin hangin
By Laetitia