Define Know It Meaning

Know It
to agree or support in the most absolute form.

person 1: those mountains are beautiful!

person 2: know it!
By Kaitlyn
Know It Not
someone who comes off as knowing everything about everything, but upon review is mostly incorrect.

Chris started in today about common-era what a know it not!
By Pattie
Not Knowing
A person who simply doesn't know what's going on or being said around them.

Yeah, J.J.'s Not Knowing.

(He's the only one who has no idea what we're talking about.)
By Korie
In The Know

"People in the know are aware of a nuclear explosion if even the slightest jolt was made upon the renegade carrier."
-part of the storyline for Blast Corps
By Katleen
In The Know
1)to have intimate knowledge of a particular subject not necessarily every subject.

2)to be privy to uncommon knowledge

you know who Gwyneth is dating?

ask Rita she's in the know
By Henrietta
in Biblical times, it meant to sleep with someone. you will see the word used in the Bible to mean that.

God: "Abe, you knew your maidwoman as well as Sarah? And she gave birth to that bastard of yours, Ishmael?"

Abraham (boasting his double scoring): "Yep, God. My sons are Isaac and Ishmael."
By Lelah
Absolute knowledge of the future said in past tense before it actually happens.

I knowed we will be married.
By Deb
(verb) to have knowledge, to be aware of something, to be acquainted with someone, to have carnal knowledge of someone.

Person A: There's a big queue at the club- we'll never get in.
Person B: It's okay- I know the bouncer.
Person A: I knew Caroline before you married her.
Person B: Yes, she told me and I'd rather not discuss it, thanks.
Person A: That bouncer is staring at us- do you know him ?
Person B: Yes, I sodomised him repeatedly last weekend. It was quite pleasant.
By Birgitta
Not Knowing
It's the opposite of knowing. Do you no what knowing is? If not, that's not knowing.

I was forced to watch Twilight, not knowing the incredible lack of plot, character development, or anything that would make a good story
By Adelind
In The Know
To know all of what is happening at any given time; to have a lot of friends and connections.

"Yo man, I'm bored.. anything going on tonight?"
"Why don't you call James? He's in the know."

"I gotta find someone in the know, so I can pick up some weight and get my business off the ground."
By Sophronia