Define Means Meaning

Mean Mean
When someone is meaner than mean

But if I’m just mean, that makes you mean mean
By Billy
Meaning Meaning
HOLY FUCKING ASS CRACKERS, HOW STUPID ARE YOU? IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT MEANING MEANS, HOW THE HELL DID YOU LOOK IT UP YOU DUMBASS? This is a seriously insane level of dumbassery that can only be found on the internet. I mean, shit how the hell did you set up your computer of phone to ask this question? how did you have the money to purchase all the shit necessary to look it up and still not know the meaning of meaning?

Time is irrelevant and Meaning Meaning has no Meaning.
By Hinda
A thing u say when u do not have an insult to say back.

Bully: you’re stupid!
Me: Oh ya, well you’re mean
By Austine
No Means No
No means hard is it to not rape someone.respect people.if you rape or abuse people fuck you.NO MEANS NO!

By Vallie
The Means
Marijuana and the act of obtaining Marijuana

By Papagena
The Means
Weed. Marijuana. Mary Jane. Its a new name for weed and its catching like weeds on fire in a forest, yo.

"Would you like to means later?"

"Can I buy the means off of you"

By Darda
1. inf. To be inconsiderate and selfish

2. adj. So hot, sexy and/or tight it defies description and boggles the mind.

3. n. The sum of a series of numbers divided by the number of numbers.

1. He was so mean for not calling me back.

2. "I got this model chick/ She don't cook or clean/But she dress that @ss off/ And her walk is mean..." ~ Jay-Z

3. The mean of 1,2 and 6 is 3.
By Taffy
A word Kiwi's use to describe just about everything that is remotely cool or interesting. Ranging from buzzy, crazy, dope, sick, kickass, wicked, sweet, nice, cool or even ok.
Almost as overused as the American's use of awesome.

Went to this new bar last night took some weird shit, got fukn ownd! Things went off the hook, it was so mean!
By Megen
1. To be cruel, spiteful, and malicious. To be ill tempered and disagreeable, difficult and troublesome.

2. To convey meaning. To indicate. To understand. The past tense would be "meant".

3. Midway between extremes, a medium.

1. Jimmy is a mean bastard, he smashed little Eric's toy flying saucers.

2. "You know what I mean, right Jenna?" asked Amy.

3.The average value of a set of numbers, is the mean.
By Ivy
No Means No
It means No

Morgan: No means No
By Davina