Define Now Meaning

the magic word; used when someone doesn't understand that something should be done at the current time and not later.

amanda: can i have a pass?
retarded librarian: what is the magic word?
By Joye

start doing now what you wanted to do the rest of your life
By Kippie
A never ending series of crappy music. I think we're up to Now 57...I'm serious do a google search for Now 57 cd.

Now 57?! When will the fucking madness end?!
By Alia
Those music CD's you see on t.v. It's up to NOW 60. Look it up on Google its true.

*Announcer*:get your "NOW Thats what I call music" with a payment of only $19.99!
By Melisenda
not on wack - a sane individual

u now, i aint
By Dena
Term referring to the present instant.

Get the fuck out of there now.
Now, why the fuck would you do that and think i wouldn't know?
Good job, now i'm fucking livid.
Now i HATE jkhgkhgBENjhhkjhg even more.
Now i never want you to talk to them.
Now, it would have been one thing to just drop by. now, youve really fucked up.
By Alia
Now Now
Commonly used in South Africa when you're ARE going to do something, just not anytime soon.

"Have you started studying?"

"No, I will now now" *basically doesn't study until five minutes before the test*
By Tabby
Now Now
A term widely used in South African conversations relating to the period of time which will elapse before the given task, time or oppotunity will present itself.
"I'm going to do it in a few moments."
"Its going to happen a little later."
As the term is not defined by a specific amount of time,it can be used in a broad context.

"Let's take a look at it now now."
"I'll see to that now now."
"When ?" "Now now !"
By Marie-Ann
this means now, but just not now.

kim: when will you take out the trash George??
george:ill do it now-now baby.continues on Play Station
By Viviene
Now Then
A phrase commonly used mainly in Yorkshire!

The highest greeting of welcome you can receive in "God's Own Country"

Now Then Dave!
By Wilmette